Moving abroad with your family can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. For Amandine, relocating with her family has become a habit! After living in France, China, and Singapore, they finally decided to settle in Mauritius.

Here is her testimony !

Hello, Amandine! Tell us about yourself.

Hello! I’m Amandine, 40 years old, and a mother of two! I work for a French recruitment firm based in Mauritius, specializing in talent acquisition.

Is this your first expatriation?

No, it’s been 10 years since I left France. My husband is a teacher, so he has the opportunity to teach in French schools around the world. We were previously in Asia. My husband and I both moved to China and left as a family with our two children.

We then lived in Singapore for 5 years. Moving abroad with family is something we know well! The Covid years were somewhat complicated in Asia. We needed a change of scenery, to travel, and to discover new horizons and cultures.

Why Did You Choose Mauritius?

Mauritius ticked most of our boxes. Firstly, the island offers rich cultural diversity with a strong French influence, which reminds us of our home country and provides a sense of familiarity, even though the national language is English.

Moreover, Mauritius is known for being a peaceful and safe destination, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities we experienced in Asia. As an expatriate family, we were looking for a place where our children could grow up in a safe and stimulating environment, where both English and French are spoken.

The perfect destination for us!

How Did You Hear About Mauritius?

It really came up at the last minute! We decided to leave Singapore last year, and in June, my husband was offered a job in Mauritius! So we thought, “why not?” After researching the local culture and the island itself – because initially, when you think of Mauritius, you think more of a tourist destination than an expatriate one -, we finally decided to go for it.

And it happened just like that, simply! So we packed our bags and embarked on this new, exciting, and stimulating adventure as a family.

How Were the Procedures for Your Visas? And the SmartTraveller Support?

My husband obtained his visa through his new job. Upon our arrival, I had the status of a dependent of my husband, but since I don’t like staying at home, I started looking for a job. While waiting for the ideal job, I took an administrative position at the school where my husband works. That’s how I got my first Occupation Permit.

A few months later, I was lucky enough to be hired by a French recruitment firm based in Mauritius, my current employer! That’s when SmartTraveller stepped in. In Mauritius, it’s the company that handles the work permit procedures for a foreign employee.

These procedures are lengthy, so they often use agencies like SmartTraveller to manage the paperwork and the employee’s relocation. I transitioned from one professional permit to another. SmartTraveller assisted my employer in this permit change smoothly, as I was worried about meeting the authorities’ requirements.

Sandrine and Anaïs reassured me greatly during the process! It’s nice to feel supported, especially when you’re not familiar with the administrative and legal obligations of your new host country.

Tell Us About Your Life in Mauritius!

After 10 years of living in big cities, our life here has become much calmer, much more peaceful. We’ve refocused on simple things, like spending time with family.

My children, my husband, and I have easily adapted to Mauritian life, and we fully enjoy nature! We often go to the beach with our kids, which is refreshing! We are very happy because we have finally found a family life balance, with less pressure.

Any Advice for Future Expats?

When deciding to move abroad with your family for the first time, I think it’s important to be well-informed and well-supported. This avoids unpleasant surprises, misunderstandings, and wasted time.

For me, SmartTraveller is a good solution, not only on the administrative side but also for everyday life and local living: housing, regions, schools, phone plans… I find it makes the arrival easier!

SmartTraveller is like a good friend who is already there and gives you all their good tips and addresses! It’s reassuring! It’s essential to take the time to seriously consider all aspects of this experience before moving abroad with your family, ensuring it benefits every family member.    


If you’re ready to change your life move abroad with your family in Mauritius, we encourage you to contact our expatriation experts for more information on your project!

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