You will find below the questions most frequently asked by our clients during their relocation project in Mauritius. We have grouped them by situation. You can select the category that suits you best in the left column.

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Does purchasing a property in Mauritius give me authorization to reside and work there?2023-12-10T12:42:39+01:00

Yes, if and only IF the purchase price is more than $375,000 (in programs accessible to foreigners). This residence permit also saves you from having to apply for a work permit if you wish to work in Mauritius.

What real estate programs are accessible to foreigners?2023-12-10T12:43:31+01:00

In order to preserve Mauritian territory, foreigners can acquire a residential property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Property Development Scheme (PDS) or the Smart City Scheme (SCS) or another R+2 or an apartment upstairs.
An R+2 is accessible to foreigners from $175,000.

A purchase of over $375,000 automatically gives you access to the Mauritian residence permit.

Can I buy anywhere on the island?2023-12-10T12:43:59+01:00

Only in programs reserved for foreigners.

How to find real estate open to foreigners?2024-06-04T11:48:56+02:00

Through various real estate agencies. The island being small, we recommend working under mandate with a single real estate agency. This way, they will do everything to find the right thing for you!

We can put you in touch with our trusted partner agency. Do not hesitate to fill out this form to explain your search to us: https://smarttraveller92969.ac-page.com/real-estate

Can I buy real estate for my business outside the program reserved for foreigners?2023-12-10T12:45:24+01:00

No. If you are a foreigner and a shareholder of the same company, then the ultimate beneficiary remains a foreigner. So the purchase must be part of the programs reserved for foreigners.

Can I set up an SCI in Mauritius?2023-12-10T12:45:54+01:00

Yes, you can set up an SCI.
For more information, we recommend that you speak with a tax specialist. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner https://calendly.com/smarttraveller/support-fiscalite-ile-maurice

As a shareholder of my Mauritian company, do I have to reside in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:49:20+01:00

No, it is not necessary. However, you must appoint a local or foreign director with a residence permit.

What is the cost of renting an office?2023-11-03T11:48:37+01:00

Approximately: (market as of 10/31/2023)

  • Unfurnished office: Rs 400 – Rs 600 (€10) / M² rental
  • Furnished office: Rs 600 – Rs 900 (€20) / M² rental
  • Unfurnished office-house: Rs 200 – Rs 300 (€6) / M² rental
How do I find my workforce in Mauritius?2024-03-13T08:34:51+01:00

Through recruitment companies such as meetyourjob.com or Careerhub.mu

What types of businesses are possible in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:45:13+01:00

There are two types of businesses possible in Mauritius:

  • Offshore:Global Business Company – 100% of activity abroad. This is generally when the activity or part of the service sold is not carried out on Mauritian territory but abroad.
  • Domestic company: Creation of the necessary value in Mauritius. The activity or service sold must be carried out in Mauritius.
What is the equivalent of limited liability company in Mauritius?2024-06-13T08:23:39+02:00

The equivalent is the Domestic company.

Do not hesitate to book a free initial exchange with a SmartTraveller agent for more information on this subject: https://smarttraveller.mu/en/make-an-appointment-with-an-advisor/

What are the employer contributions for a company in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:42:12+01:00

Employer contributions in Mauritius are lower than in Europe:

  • CSG : 6%
  • NSF : 2,5% max Rs 21,255
  • Levy : 1,5%
  • PRGF : 4,5%
  • Taxes : 15% TVA on income
  • VAT: 15%
  • No tax on dividends

Information valid as of 10/31/2023.

We recommend that you speak with a tax specialist regarding this matter. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner https://calendly.com/smarttraveller/support-fiscalite-ile-maurice

How can I ensure the feasibility of my project on the island?2024-03-13T08:38:36+01:00

Do not hesitate to book a free initial exchange with a SmartTraveller agent to take stock: https://smarttraveller.mu/en/make-an-appointment-with-an-advisor/

Can I buy real estate as a foreigner?2024-03-13T08:42:49+01:00

Yes of course ! A foreigner will be able to acquire real estate in schemes open to foreigners. Get in touch for free with our trusted real estate partner HERE
Please note that purchasing a property for more than $375,000 will give you access to the Residence Permit linked to real estate acquisition. This Permit allows you to be exempt from the Investor Permit if you wish to work in Mauritius.

What is the Mauritian tax?2023-11-03T11:36:18+01:00

Personal tax: 15%
Business tax: 15%
Tax on dividends: 0%
For more information, we recommend that you speak with a tax specialist on this subject. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner https://calendly.com/smarttraveller/support-fiscalite-ile-maurice

Do I need to reside in Mauritius to keep my Investor Permit?2023-11-03T11:35:43+01:00

No, however if you wish to be a Mauritian tax resident you need a minimum of 6 months of residence per year in Mauritius.

Where should the funds come from?2023-11-03T11:34:55+01:00

The funds must come from your personal abroad bank account, bearing your name or from customer invoicing for your Mauritian company (under conditions and justifications).

Where should the funds of $50,000 be transferred?2023-11-03T11:34:04+01:00

In the Mauritian bank account of the company in Mauritius to which your Investor Permit will be attached.

What happens if the contract with the company ends?2023-11-03T11:33:11+01:00

Your Professional Permit will be canceled. You will have 30 days to leave the territory or regularize your situation (permit switch). If you are looking for work, you can obtain a 6-month exemption from the Mauritian authorities allowing you to stay in the country while you find new employment.

Can I find work while I’m already in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:32:27+01:00

Yes. You will need to be under a valid visa (tourist or other) until the end of your Professional Permit procedures.

How to find a job in Mauritius?2024-03-13T08:44:12+01:00

You can apply through recruitment agencies ( meetyourjob.com, careerhub.mu) or respond to offers published on LinkedIn.

Can I work for several employers with my Professional Permit?2023-11-03T11:29:47+01:00

No ! 1 Occupation Permit = 1 employer. Your Professional Permit is linked to your Mauritian Employer.

Is a Professional Permit renewable?2023-11-03T11:28:54+01:00

Yes, it is renewable from the moment your employment contract with the company is renewed. The renewal procedure is the same as obtaining a new permit.

How to find accommodation in Mauritius?2024-06-13T08:28:54+02:00

At SmartTraveller, we can connect you with our trusted partners. Do not hesitate to fill out the form HERE.
Mauritius works a lot through various Facebook groups. Do not hesitate to post messages on the various groups:

What is the maximum duration of an internship in Mauritius?2023-10-31T07:37:03+01:00

180 days is the equivalent of 6 months.

Will the Mauritius embassy/consulate in my country do my student visa?2024-03-13T08:45:13+01:00

Absolutely Not!
A Student Visa is issued directly in Mauritius by the Immigration. SmartTraveller acts as a link between the applicant and the Immigration Office.

Is a student visa required?2023-10-31T07:35:50+01:00

A student visa is required in Mauritius to complete a paid internship.

What are the conditions for doing an internship in Mauritius?2023-10-31T07:24:38+01:00
  • Obtain an internship in a company registered in Mauritius
  • Have a tripartite internship agreement (company, school, student)
  • Not be on Mauritian territory when applying for the Visa
    The internship must not exceed 180 days (6 months)
Can I buy real estate on a Retirement Permit?2023-10-31T07:15:59+01:00

Yes of course, a Retired Permit holder will be able to acquire real estate open to foreigners.
We invite you to download our real estate investment guide for more information.

How long is the Self-Employed Permit valid for?2023-10-31T07:03:14+01:00

It is a 10-year renewable, work and residence permit.

Can my family obtain an attached Residence Permit?2023-10-31T07:02:05+01:00

Yes, your family (spouse, children and parents) can be attached to your permit under a Dependent Visa.

Is the capital contribution of $35,000 frozen?2023-10-31T07:00:26+01:00

No, you can use it for your daily expenses in Mauritius.

What activities are not accepted as a freelancer?2024-03-13T08:46:53+01:00

Activities not accepted as Self-Employed are generally activities for which the government considers that local Mauritians have the skills.

These activities include: therapist activities, medical such as osteopath, podiatrist, optician, physiotherapist, etc., activities related to tourism, real estate agent, musician, tattoo artist, craftsmanship, etc.

Please note that these activities can however be developed under an Investor Permit, at the discretion of the authorities and the joint committee.

This obviously remains subjective. Each file being different, we recommend a prior discussion with a SmartTraveller agent; make an appointment HERE.

Do I have to have clients in Mauritius?2023-10-31T06:55:40+01:00

No, your clients can be international and/or Mauritian.

How many times can I renew my Premium Visa ?2023-10-31T06:52:43+01:00

Nothing is defined today.

At SmartTraveller we have already renewed Premium Visas up to 3 times. We remind you, however, that this remains at the discretion of the Mauritian authorities.

Is the Premium Visa renewable?2023-10-31T06:51:36+01:00

Yes, at the discretion of the Mauritian authorities.

Can I apply for my Premium Visa on site?2023-10-31T06:50:55+01:00

YES ! You can do the Premium Visa directly on site, provided you have a tourist entry visa (stamp on your passport) that is still valid.

Is the Premium Visa a multiple entry visa?2023-10-31T06:48:53+01:00


Do I need to present a return plane ticket for Premium Visa?2024-03-13T08:56:21+01:00

YES ! A return plane ticket valid for more than 180 days after arrival must be submitted at the time of your request to the VisaPremium authorities. To avoid cancellation fees, SmartTraveller recommends Onewayfly.

How long does a Premium Visa last?2024-03-13T08:50:43+01:00

A premium visa has a maximum duration of 1 year. However, the validity period of the visa remains at the discretion of the authorities. The key will be to send your documents to the required standards so that the authorities give you a duration of 1 year.
We recommend speaking with a SmartTraveller agent to learn more about this topic. Make an appointment HERE.

Does the Professional Permit allow my family to join me?2023-10-23T20:43:27+02:00

Yes, your family can be attached under a Dependent Visa (spouse, children and parents).

How long does it take to obtain a Self Employed Permit?2023-10-23T20:42:50+02:00

It takes up to 3 months to complete procedures:

  • 3 weeks of document collection
  • 1.5 months of processing with the authorities
  • 1 month on site in Mauritius for opening the bank account and medical examinations
What is the taxation for self-employed people in Mauritius?2023-10-23T20:42:12+02:00

Self-employed people holding a Self-Employed Residence Permit are taxed at 15% on their turnover. Be careful however, beyond a threshold of Rs 3 million, or approximately €60,000, a tiered tax applies up to 20%.

For further information, we recommend contacting our Accounting Expert.

And for more information, here is the official website of the MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority) To create a tax simulation based on your income.

Non-contractual information. Last updated on 10/30/2023.

Can I work in Mauritius as a retiree?2023-10-23T20:41:54+02:00

No. A Retired Permit does not allow you to work and receive income from a Mauritian entity.

How does the health system work in Mauritius?2024-03-13T08:51:47+01:00

You will find a decent health system in Mauritius: Hospitals, doctors, private clinics, specialist doctors and others.
Pharmacies are also numerous and equipped.

For any significant health concerns, we will still advise you to be repatriated to Reunion Island in order to benefit from French medical standards and more various equipment.

Go to our Digital relocation Guide to find out more and access the complete list of clinics and doctors in Mauritius.

How does taxation work for retirees in Mauritius?2024-03-13T08:53:19+01:00

This all depends on your retirement plan. Some pensions, particularly public pensions, are automatically linked to the original tax system.

We recommend that you speak with a tax specialist on this subject. Do not hesitate to contact our partner Tax Expert.

Can I include my family on my Retirement Permit?2023-10-23T20:40:54+02:00

Yes, your family can be attached under a Dependent Visa (spouse, children and parents).


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