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  • Diversify and make your real estate investments profitable

  • Take advantage of a booming market in Mauritius

  • Buy your second home in paradise

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As an investor,
you are looking for…

  • A growing real estate market with strong demand

  • Attractive tax advantages

  • A growing market of tourists and expatriates

  • Government investment incentive programs

  • A residence permit in Mauritius

But you fear…

  • The instability of the real estate market in Mauritius

  • Mauritian regulatory complexity

  • Financial risks, frauds and scams

  • Remote management of your property

We have all the solutions for you

Prerequisites for the Real Estate Investor Permit

Respect Mauritian regulations to secure your permit

  • Acquire real estate in a program reserved for foreigners worth more than $375,000

  • Obtain the “consent of sales” agreement granted by the EDB from the seller

  • Obtain the purchase agreement from the EDB (LOA – letter of acquisition)

  • Have a clean criminal record 

Your step by step journey


Talk to us about your project


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Words from a real estate investor

  • We had been dreaming about it for a long time and we took our decision on a whim!

    My wife and I have been coming to Mauritius regularly for about twenty years to play golf. We dreamed of settling in this idyllic place and enjoying the sweetness of life. COVID gave us a shock and we decided to change our lives. Everything happened really fast.

    We asked Sophie, the real estate expert. She offered us several properties and we signed for a penthouse in Azuri. We enjoy a magnificent view of the lagoon and the golf course at the foot of the complex. Happiness!



What if you were next?

Be accompanied by SmartTraveller’s team and experts 

Obtain the purchase agreement from the EDB (LOA)

1 500
  • Administrative procedures for authorization to purchase property for foreigners
  • Preparation of the file with our in-house lawyers
  • Submission to the required authorities and follow-ups
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent 
  • Bonus: Expatriation Guide included (valued at: €149)

Real estate residence permit (PRP)

1 200
  • Administrative procedures for obtaining your Residence Permit in Mauritius
  • Preparation of the file with our in-house lawyers
  • Submission to the required authorities and follow-ups
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent 
  • Bonus: Expatriation Guide included (valued at: €149)
  • LOA required


  • Search for real estate with the support of a trusted SmartTraveller partner.Get in touch with our real estate partners free of charge.

* Excluding government fees

We can help you prepare
your move to Mauritius


We’ve condensed as much information as possible for your installation in our Smartguides.


Discover Mauritius as you’ve never heard it told: secrets, anecdotes, tips and tricks!

We can help you prepare your move to Mauritius

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You’re not the first people
to ask yourselves these questions.

Does purchasing a property in Mauritius give me authorization to reside and work there?2023-12-10T12:42:39+01:00

Yes, if and only IF the purchase price is more than $375,000 (in programs accessible to foreigners). This residence permit also saves you from having to apply for a work permit if you wish to work in Mauritius.

What real estate programs are accessible to foreigners?2023-12-10T12:43:31+01:00

In order to preserve Mauritian territory, foreigners can acquire a residential property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Property Development Scheme (PDS) or the Smart City Scheme (SCS) or another R+2 or an apartment upstairs.
An R+2 is accessible to foreigners from $175,000.

A purchase of over $375,000 automatically gives you access to the Mauritian residence permit.

Can I buy anywhere on the island?2023-12-10T12:43:59+01:00

Only in programs reserved for foreigners.

How to find real estate open to foreigners?2024-06-04T11:48:56+02:00

Through various real estate agencies. The island being small, we recommend working under mandate with a single real estate agency. This way, they will do everything to find the right thing for you!

We can put you in touch with our trusted partner agency. Do not hesitate to fill out this form to explain your search to us:

Can I buy real estate for my business outside the program reserved for foreigners?2023-12-10T12:45:24+01:00

No. If you are a foreigner and a shareholder of the same company, then the ultimate beneficiary remains a foreigner. So the purchase must be part of the programs reserved for foreigners.

Can I set up an SCI in Mauritius?2023-12-10T12:45:54+01:00

Yes, you can set up an SCI.
For more information, we recommend that you speak with a tax specialist. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner

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