Preparing for expatriation to Mauritius requires thorough planning. First and foremost, obtaining a visa that aligns with your needs and goals is essential. With several visa options available, choosing the right one is crucial. In Mauritius, securing a visa is a prerequisite for residency, employment, enrolling children in school, and more. Therefore, comprehending the various visa categories in Mauritius is vital to select the most suitable option for your profile. Follow our guide for detailed insights!

Types of visas in Mauritius

First and foremost, you should know that there are three categories of visas for Mauritius:

  • Work Permit: A work and residence visa issued in accordance with the directives of the Passport & Immigration Office. Often used for foreign workers employed in Mauritius.
  • Occupation Permit (OP): A work and residence visa issued by the Economic Development Board (EDB). Proof of qualifications (diplomas) is required.
  • Resident Permit: A residence visa only. Often linked to an OP, this visa does not allow you to work in Mauritius.

Among these different categories of residence permits in Mauritius, there are several specific visas that cater to all profiles. As an expatriate, you will need to apply for an Occupation Permit or a Resident Permit if you do not intend to work in Mauritius. So let’s have a deeper look at those!

Occupation Permit or Resident Permit ?

1. Occupation Permit – Professional

  • Have you found a job at a company in Mauritius?
  • Are you earning a minimum salary of Rs 30,000 per month?
  • Do you have the qualifications and diplomas relevant to this position?

You’re in the right place!

Your permit will be attached to your employer. The company will handle all procedures on behalf of the employee! You just need to provide your employer with the necessary documents.

2. Occupation Permit – Self-Employed

  • Do you run a business as a sole proprietor or freelancer abroad?
  • Have you never been a sole proprietor and are you considering starting one in Mauritius?
  • Are you in the IT sector, a consultant, trainer, in digital marketing, web development, or any other service?
  • Do you prefer not to hire and work on your own from Mauritius?
  • Are you looking to attract Mauritian or international clients?

This visa is tailored for you!

3. Visa Premium (1 year tourist visa/Digital Nomad)

  • Are you considering a year-long stay in Mauritius?
  • Will you be accompanied by your family or traveling solo?
  • Do you intend to enroll your children in school here?
  • Will you be telecommuting from Mauritius and not seeking local employment?
  • Do you wish to avoid becoming a tax resident in Mauritius?
  • Are you a digital nomad or seeking a lifestyle akin to it?

The sunshine awaits you!

4. Occupation Permit – Investisseur

  • Have you established or are you planning to establish a company in Mauritius (domestic or GBC)?
  • Do you wish to work within this company?
  • Do you have funds to invest in it ($50k)?
  • Are you looking to hire in Mauritius?

The Investor Occupation Permit is your key!

Before diving in, we advise thoroughly researching the taxes, duties, and necessary conditions for establishing a business in Mauritius.

5. Residence Permit – Retired

  • Are you aged 50 or over?
  • Are you retired and prefer not to work in Mauritius?
  • Does your monthly income exceed $1,500?

Then this visa is tailor-made for you!

6. Resident Permit – Dependant

If your spouse, husband, or a family member has secured an Occupation Permit or a Resident Permit, you can request to be associated with their permit. The procedures are pretty much straightforward and swift.

7. Resident Permit – Marriage to a Mauritian citizen

  • Are you a foreigner married to a Mauritian citizen?
  • Or are you about to ?
  • Are you eager to settle down and live in Mauritius with your spouse?

This visa is perfectly suited for you!

8. Student Visa

  • Have you found an internship in Mauritius?
  • Are you planning to study in Mauritius?

You will need to obtain a Student Visa before traveling to Mauritius.

9. Permanent Resident Permit – Real Estate

  • Have you purchased real estate worth over $375,000 in a property open to foreign ownership in Mauritius?

You will be eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Permit.

Summary of the different visas available in Mauritius

Summary of the different visas available in Mauritius

Get assistance for your visa application!

The process of obtaining a visa can quickly become cumbersome! Therefore, it is essential to understand the administrative procedures before diving in. That’s why it’s important to have guidance when preparing for your expatriation project abroad. Proper assistance will help you avoid many hassles and significantly speed up the process!

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