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Doing business in Mauritius
 without obstacle
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  • Benefit from the economic dynamism of the island

  • Enjoy an idyllic living environment

  • Reduce your expenses and your taxes

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  • Set up your business in Mauritius

  • Enjoy an exceptional lifestyle

  • Strike a better work-life balance

  • Benefit from an advantageous tax regime

  • Penetrate the Mauritian and African markets

But you need help to

  • Setting up your company and your ecosystem in Mauritius

  • Navigating the regulatory and tax landscape

  • Identify business opportunities in Mauritius

  • Finding local partners and talent

  • Managing the logistical challenges of setting up in Mauritius

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Prerequisites for the investor permit

To be eligible for the investor permit in Mauritius, you must:

  • Set up a business or invest in an existing business in Mauritius

  • Hold the position of director in that company

  • Deposit $50,000 (unfrozen) from abroad in the company’s bank account

  • Achieve a turnover of Rs 4 million from the 3rd year onwards

  • Mandatory government fees of $1,000

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Submitting your permit application to the authorities 


Obtain your 10 year-long permit 


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A word from an entrepreneur in Mauritius

  • We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for… We […]

    We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for…

    We were suffocating in Paris. We were looking for a ‘kid-friendly’ destination, with sunshine and, ideally, the sea and a short time difference with France.

    For our first expatriation, Mauritius ticked all the boxes.

    Today it is all positive and we have no regrets about taking the plunge.

    We spoke to Anaïs from SmartTraveller, who recommended that I apply for an Investor Permit to set up a subsidiary of my company in Mauritius.


    Occupation Permit Investor

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Our tailor-made offers for investors

Essential Pack - Investor's Permit

3 500
  • Administrative procedures for the 10-year Occupation Self-Employed Permit*
  • Drafting of your business plan
  • Appointment at the bank to open your bank account
  • Connecting you with our partners: housing, moving, insurance, lawyer, accountant, tax specialist 
  • Tips and tricks (list of schools, car rentals, emergency numbers and more) 
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent 
  • Bonus: expatriation guide included (value: €149)

Family Pack - Investor's Permit

3 900
  • The essential pack for you 
  • Visas for your dependents (spouse, children or parents) 
  • Go in peace! 
  • For a dependent visa only, the price is €3,800

Tax support

  • Putting you in touch with our expert who has over 20 years’ experience
  • Telephone interview/meeting (1h)
  • Tax return
  • Return visits – Questions/Answers

* Excluding government charges: $1,000 for Self Employed and $400 per dependant

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We can help you prepare your move to Mauritius

You are not the first
to have asked yourself these questions.

Does purchasing a property in Mauritius give me authorization to reside and work there?2023-12-10T12:42:39+01:00

Yes, if and only IF the purchase price is more than $375,000 (in programs accessible to foreigners). This residence permit also saves you from having to apply for a work permit if you wish to work in Mauritius.

What real estate programs are accessible to foreigners?2023-12-10T12:43:31+01:00

In order to preserve Mauritian territory, foreigners can acquire a residential property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Property Development Scheme (PDS) or the Smart City Scheme (SCS) or another R+2 or an apartment upstairs.
An R+2 is accessible to foreigners from $175,000.

A purchase of over $375,000 automatically gives you access to the Mauritian residence permit.

Can I buy anywhere on the island?2023-12-10T12:43:59+01:00

Only in programs reserved for foreigners.

How to find real estate open to foreigners?2023-11-03T12:04:54+01:00

Through various real estate agencies. The island being small, we recommend working under mandate with a single real estate agency. This way, they will do everything to find the right thing for you!

We can put you in touch with our trusted partner agency. Do not hesitate to fill out this form to explain your search to us:

Can I buy real estate for my business outside the program reserved for foreigners?2023-12-10T12:45:24+01:00

No. If you are a foreigner and a shareholder of the same company, then the ultimate beneficiary remains a foreigner. So the purchase must be part of the programs reserved for foreigners.

Can I set up an SCI in Mauritius?2023-12-10T12:45:54+01:00

Yes, you can set up an SCI.
For more information, we recommend that you speak with a tax specialist. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner

As a shareholder of my Mauritian company, do I have to reside in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:49:20+01:00

No, it is not necessary. However, you must appoint a local or foreign director with a residence permit.

What is the cost of renting an office?2023-11-03T11:48:37+01:00

Approximately: (market as of 10/31/2023)

  • Unfurnished office: Rs 400 – Rs 600 (€10) / M² rental
  • Furnished office: Rs 600 – Rs 900 (€20) / M² rental
  • Unfurnished office-house: Rs 200 – Rs 300 (€6) / M² rental

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