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Doing business in Mauritius
without obstacle
and in serenity

  • Benefit from the economic dynamism of the island

  • Enjoy an idyllic living environment

  • Reduce your expenses and your taxes

Join our network of satisfied investors

Would you like to…

  • Set up your business in Mauritius

  • Enjoy an exceptional lifestyle

  • Strike a better work-life balance

  • Benefit from an advantageous tax regime

  • Penetrate the Mauritian and African markets

But you need help to

  • Setting up your company and your ecosystem in Mauritius

  • Navigating the regulatory and tax landscape

  • Identify business opportunities in Mauritius

  • Finding local partners and talent

  • Managing the logistical challenges of setting up in Mauritius

We have all the solutions for you

Prerequisites for the investor permit

To be eligible for the investor permit in Mauritius, you must:

  • Set up a business or invest in an existing business in Mauritius

  • Hold the position of director in that company

  • Deposit $50,000 (unfrozen) from abroad in the company’s bank account

  • Achieve a turnover of Rs 4 million from the 3rd year onwards

  • Mandatory government fees of $1,000

Your step by step path to independence


Tell us about your project during a discovery call


Receive and validate your personalised quote


Submitting your permit application to the authorities 


Obtain your 10 year-long permit 


Launch your business and start your new life

A word from an entrepreneur in Mauritius

  • We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for… We […]

    We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for…

    We were suffocating in Paris. We were looking for a ‘kid-friendly’ destination, with sunshine and, ideally, the sea and a short time difference with France.

    For our first expatriation, Mauritius ticked all the boxes.

    Today it is all positive and we have no regrets about taking the plunge.

    We spoke to Anaïs from SmartTraveller, who recommended that I apply for an Investor Permit to set up a subsidiary of my company in Mauritius.


    Occupation Permit Investor

What if you were next?

Our tailor-made offers for investors

Essential Pack - Investor's Permit

3 500
  • Administrative procedures for the 10-year Occupation Self-Employed Permit*
  • Drafting of your business plan
  • Appointment at the bank to open your bank account
  • Connecting you with our partners: housing, moving, insurance, lawyer, accountant, tax specialist 
  • Tips and tricks (list of schools, car rentals, emergency numbers and more) 
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent 
  • Bonus: expatriation guide included (value: €149)

Family Pack - Investor's Permit

3 500
  • The essential pack for you 
  • Visas for your dependents (spouse, children or parents) 
  • Go in peace! 
  • For a dependent visa only, the price is €3,800

Tax support

  • Putting you in touch with our expert who has over 20 years’ experience
  • Telephone interview/meeting (1h)
  • Tax return
  • Return visits – Questions/Answers

* Excluding government charges: $1,000 for Self Employed and $400 per dependant

We can help you prepare
your move to Mauritius


We’ve condensed as much information as possible for your installation in our Smartguides.


Discover Mauritius as you’ve never heard it told: secrets, anecdotes, tips and tricks!

We can help you prepare your move to Mauritius

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à vous être posés ces questions.

How many times can I renew my Premium Visa ?2023-10-31T06:52:43+01:00

Nothing is defined today.

At SmartTraveller we have already renewed Premium Visas up to 3 times. We remind you, however, that this remains at the discretion of the Mauritian authorities.

Is the Premium Visa renewable?2023-10-31T06:51:36+01:00

Yes, at the discretion of the Mauritian authorities.

Can I apply for my Premium Visa on site?2023-10-31T06:50:55+01:00

YES ! You can do the Premium Visa directly on site, provided you have a tourist entry visa (stamp on your passport) that is still valid.

Is the Premium Visa a multiple entry visa?2023-10-31T06:48:53+01:00


Do I need to present a return plane ticket for Premium Visa?2024-03-13T08:56:21+01:00

YES ! A return plane ticket valid for more than 180 days after arrival must be submitted at the time of your request to the VisaPremium authorities. To avoid cancellation fees, SmartTraveller recommends Onewayfly.

How long does a Premium Visa last?2024-03-13T08:50:43+01:00

A premium visa has a maximum duration of 1 year. However, the validity period of the visa remains at the discretion of the authorities. The key will be to send your documents to the required standards so that the authorities give you a duration of 1 year.
We recommend speaking with a SmartTraveller agent to learn more about this topic. Make an appointment HERE.

Am I considered a tax resident in Mauritius on a Premium Visa?2024-03-13T08:00:04+01:00

We recommend that you contact a tax expert directly! Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our expert Wendy
You can also obtain information directly from the MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority).

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