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Open your company
in Mauritius

  • Create a subsidiary, launch a start-up or buy a company

  • Take advantage of an environment conducive to the success of entrepreneurs

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Why create or buy a business in Mauritius?

  • A favourable tax environment

  • Access to a growing market

  • A qualified workforce

  • Political and economic stability

  • Trade Agreement Network

  • Flexibility and ease of doing business

  • Bonus: a strong employer brand for profiles in need

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Requirements for setting up or buying a business in Mauritius

Comply with Mauritian regulations when setting up business in Mauritius

  • Define the type of company required according to your needs: Offshore (GBL or Authorized Company) or Domestic (local).

  • Define your company’s shareholder structure in Mauritius

  • One of the directors of your company must reside in Mauritius (Mauritian or foreigner with a residence permit).

  • Define your company’s address

  • You wish to buy a company? Schedule an appointment with a  SmartTraveller agent.

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An entrepreneur’s word

  • We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for… We […]

    We were suffocating in Paris! We were looking for…

    We were suffocating in Paris. We were looking for a ‘kid-friendly’ destination, with sunshine and, ideally, the sea and a short time difference with France.

    For our first expatriation, Mauritius ticked all the boxes.

    Today it is all positive and we have no regrets about taking the plunge.

    We spoke to Anaïs from SmartTraveller, who recommended that I apply for an Investor Permit to set up a subsidiary of my company in Mauritius.


    Occupation Permit Investor

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Our tailor-made offers for entrepreneurs

Pack Essentiel - Home business start-up

  • Company registration and incorporation fees
  • Opening a company bank account
  • Trade License *
  • Temporary company address
  • Put you in touch with our trusted experts: lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, recruitment firms and secretary offices
  • Tips and tricks for opening your offices
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent 
  • Bonus: your informative SmartTraveller Dashboard (employment law, insurance, Internet package, etc.)

Residence Pack - Investor's Permit

  • The Essential Pack for you
  • Procedures related to your Residence and Work Permit in Mauritius: Investor Permit
  • Drafting your business plan to official standards
  • Adding dependent visas for your family: Offered

Tax support - Home business

  • Putting you in touch with our expert who has over 20 years’ experience
  • Telephone interview/meeting (1h)
  • Tax return
  • To and from – Questions/Answers

Tax support - Offshore

  • Putting you in touch with our expert who has over 20 years’ experience
  • Telephone interview/meeting (1h)
  • Tax return
  • To and from – Questions/Answers

* Excluding government fees

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You are not the first
to have asked yourself these questions.

As a shareholder of my Mauritian company, do I have to reside in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:49:20+01:00

No, it is not necessary. However, you must appoint a local or foreign director with a residence permit.

What is the cost of renting an office?2023-11-03T11:48:37+01:00

Approximately: (market as of 10/31/2023)

  • Unfurnished office: Rs 400 – Rs 600 (€10) / M² rental
  • Furnished office: Rs 600 – Rs 900 (€20) / M² rental
  • Unfurnished office-house: Rs 200 – Rs 300 (€6) / M² rental
How do I find my workforce in Mauritius?2024-03-13T08:34:51+01:00

Through recruitment companies such as or

What types of businesses are possible in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:45:13+01:00

There are two types of businesses possible in Mauritius:

  • Offshore:Global Business Company – 100% of activity abroad. This is generally when the activity or part of the service sold is not carried out on Mauritian territory but abroad.
  • Domestic company: Creation of the necessary value in Mauritius. The activity or service sold must be carried out in Mauritius.
What is the equivalent of limited liability company in Mauritius?2024-06-13T08:23:39+02:00

The equivalent is the Domestic company.

Do not hesitate to book a free initial exchange with a SmartTraveller agent for more information on this subject:

What are the employer contributions for a company in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:42:12+01:00

Employer contributions in Mauritius are lower than in Europe:

  • CSG : 6%
  • NSF : 2,5% max Rs 21,255
  • Levy : 1,5%
  • PRGF : 4,5%
  • Taxes : 15% TVA on income
  • VAT: 15%
  • No tax on dividends

Information valid as of 10/31/2023.

We recommend that you speak with a tax specialist regarding this matter. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner

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