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SmartTraveller helps businesses and individuals find the key to success in their professional and personal adventure in Mauritius.

SmartTraveller is the agency that supports future expatriates in Mauritius. SmartTraveller takes care of administrative procedures for visas and residence permits, business creation.
SmartTraveller is surrounded by business experts for the needs of each project: housing, insurance, pets, car rental, schools and much more!

Since the reopening of our borders, Mauritius has seen an ever-increasing influx of expatriates of various nationalities who face the usual difficulties of settling on our island:

  • Difficulty finding reliable and up-to-date information on the internet.

  • Difficulty finding trusted experts to answer questions about taxation, accounting, real estate acquisition, insurance, etc.

  • Difficulty of remote projection: cultural, human, administrative, etc.…

At SmartTraveller, we make it a point to digitize information for everyone and to adapt flexibly to individual and professional projects.

The SmartValue

The SmartTeam

The SmartTraveller team is made up of Mauritians who love their island and expatriates who are eager to share their experiences with you.

Having traveled a lot before returning to settle at home in Mauritius, his state of mind and his experiences led him to create SmartTraveller. Ask him what makes his business successful: he will talk to you about the alignment of the stars! Yes, Emmanuel is an idealist.
Thanks to him, the business is able to grow while remaining true to its core values of sharing, kindness, and respect.
His way of life is all about openness: he is always delighted to welcome newcomers to his country.
AnaïsGeneral Manager
Anaïs is your preferred contact within SmartTraveller. This French lady fell under the spell of Mauritius in 2018. Known for her infinite patience and attentive listening, she takes the time to understand your needs and provides you with the best possible answers. She guides you and helps you live he experience of your dreams with complete peace of mind. With her cheerful personality and solid expertise, you will be in good hands!
AlbaneDevelopment Manager
Albane, Franco-Mauritian is a true globetrotter! With expatriations in countries in Europe, Africa and Oceania, she wandered around before finally settling in
Mauritius in 2021. Since her arrival at SmartTraveller, she has built an ecosystem of partners locally and internationally, to provide you with the maximum number of services around your installation. Guardian of our Expatriation Toolbox, she is always on the lookout for the latest tips for expats!
IsabelleProduction manager
Having lived here and there, Isabelle has a wealth of experience in expatriation and truly understands the challenges that it entails.
She likes to take care of others. Meticulous in her work, she listens attentively and acts accordingly. Her kindness, dynamism and authenticity guarantees a smooth and pleasant journey throughout your support, in Mauritius and after your installation.
“Service with a smile” is more than a motto for Isabelle, it’s a promise.
DoriceProduction manager
Dorice plays an essential role throughout your expatriation journey, in order to offer you an exceptional experience.
With a warm welcome, kind attention and a reassuring tone, she establishes an atmosphere of trust from the first moment you meet her.
Always available and attentive, she supports you during the preparation phase of your expatriation, but also after your arrival in Mauritius. Thanks to her expertise, Dorice will be of inestimable help.
DaminiAdministration and Finance Manager
Damini has been part of the team since the beginning of the adventure! A specialist in figures and administration, she operates behind the scenes. Her reputation for speed and efficiency precedes her, making her a centerpiece within our dynamic organization. She embodies calmness at the heart of the action, bringing reassuring stability to our team. Her magical power lies in her ability to transform every challenge into an opportunity. With Damini, there are never problems, only solutions!
Anne-SophieDigital project manager
Anne-So is an expert in digital transformation. She combines her love for Mauritius and her desire to propel SmartTraveller to new heights.
MéganeVideographer - Designer
Back in Mauritius after international studies, Mégane is the creative force behind SmartTraveller’s visuals and videos.
NaomiSocial media manager
A passionate young Mauritian, Naomi joined SmartTraveller in 2022. She is our voice on social media and takes care of our communities.

Why use SmartTraveller?

SmartTraveller facilitates the cultural, social and professional integration of expatriates and long-term travelers.

Ready to start your new life in Mauritius?

We’ll support your project from A to Z.