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in Mauritius
without any stress

  • Carry out your freelance activity in Mauritius

  • Enjoy an exceptional quality of life

  • Obtain your tax residency in Mauritius

Join Marie, Pierre and our 1,500+ expatriates

You are dreaming of…

  • Enjoying a peaceful working environment

  • Having a better work / life balance

  • Expanding your professional network

  • Escaping heavy taxation

But you are worried about…

  • Dealing with administrative procedures

  • Managing logistical challenges for your facility

  • Not finding reliable information about Mauritius

  • Feeling isolated

We have all the solutions you need

Requirements for the solopreneur or freelance Permit

Comply with Mauritian regulations to obtain your Self-Employed permit

  • Business plan complying with government standards

  • Proof of skills and experience in your field (diplomas required)

  • Deposit of $35,000 (not frozen) from abroad into your Mauritian bank account

  • CA of Rs 800,000 of Turnover from the 3rd year

  • Mandatory government fees of $1,000

Your step by step journey to Mauritius


Tell us about your project during a discovery call


Receive and validate your personalised quote


Submit your permit application to the authorities


Get your 10-year licence


Launch your business and start your new life

Words from a self-employed person in Mauritius

  • Bruno, his wife and their 5 children settled in Mauritius

    My wife and I were hesitating between Portugal and Cape Verde, but when I read an article about Mauritius, it tipped us off! I work in the digital sector and I realised that Mauritius offered some great opportunities.

    With the children, we’re slowly discovering the advantages and disadvantages of the island. For the moment, they’re just complaining about the mosquitoes.

    We chose to put our trust in SmartTraveller for our administrative formalities and we don’t regret it.

    Bruno – Self-employed

    Occupation Permit Self-Employed

What if you were next ?

Our tailor made offers for freelancers

Essential Pack - Self-Employed License

2 500
  • Administrative procedures for the 10-year Self-Employed Occupation Permit
  • Writing the Business Plan and obtaining the Commercial License
  • Making an appointment at the bank to open your bank account
  • Connecting you with our partners: housing, moving, insurance, lawyer, accountant, tax specialist, etc.
  • Tips and tricks (list of schools, car rentals, emergency numbers and more)
  • Your dedicated SmartTraveller agent
  • Bonus: expatriation guide included (value: €149)

Family Pack - Dependent Visa

2 900
  • The essential pack for you
  • Dependent visas for your family (spouse, children or parents) is included.
  • Go in Peace!
  • For a single dependent visa the overall price is €2,800

In Autonomy - Self-Employed Permit

  • Make your request independently with advice from SmartTraveller.
  • Access the Self-Employed SmartTraveller guide
  • Writing of the business plan
  • Access our letter templates that meet the authorities’ standards
  • Ask your questions to your SmartTraveller agent

* Excluding government fees: $1,000 for Self Employed and $400 per dependant

We can help you prepare
your move to Mauritius


We’ve condensed as much information as possible for your installation in our Smartguides.


Discover Mauritius as you’ve never heard it told: secrets, anecdotes, tips and tricks!

Find all the information for your new life in Mauritius

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You’re not the first people
to ask yourselves these questions.

How long is the Self-Employed Permit valid for?2023-10-31T07:03:14+01:00

It is a 10-year renewable, work and residence permit.

Can my family obtain an attached Residence Permit?2023-10-31T07:02:05+01:00

Yes, your family (spouse, children and parents) can be attached to your permit under a Dependent Visa.

Is the capital contribution of $35,000 frozen?2023-10-31T07:00:26+01:00

No, you can use it for your daily expenses in Mauritius.

What activities are not accepted as a freelancer?2024-03-13T08:46:53+01:00

Activities not accepted as Self-Employed are generally activities for which the government considers that local Mauritians have the skills.

These activities include: therapist activities, medical such as osteopath, podiatrist, optician, physiotherapist, etc., activities related to tourism, real estate agent, musician, tattoo artist, craftsmanship, etc.

Please note that these activities can however be developed under an Investor Permit, at the discretion of the authorities and the joint committee.

This obviously remains subjective. Each file being different, we recommend a prior discussion with a SmartTraveller agent; make an appointment HERE.

Do I have to have clients in Mauritius?2023-10-31T06:55:40+01:00

No, your clients can be international and/or Mauritian.

How long does it take to obtain a Self Employed Permit?2023-10-23T20:42:50+02:00

It takes up to 3 months to complete procedures:

  • 3 weeks of document collection
  • 1.5 months of processing with the authorities
  • 1 month on site in Mauritius for opening the bank account and medical examinations
What is the taxation for self-employed people in Mauritius?2023-10-23T20:42:12+02:00

Self-employed people holding a Self-Employed Residence Permit are taxed at 15% on their turnover. Be careful however, beyond a threshold of Rs 3 million, or approximately €60,000, a tiered tax applies up to 20%.

For further information, we recommend contacting our Accounting Expert.

And for more information, here is the official website of the MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority) To create a tax simulation based on your income.

Non-contractual information. Last updated on 10/30/2023.

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