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We dust off the concept of relocation to make it more fluid and rewarding by providing reliable information, building a community of dedicated experts and passionate expatriates, and bridging cultures and borders.

We transform relocation into a successful personal and professional journey, where we meticulously plan every detail to ensure a smooth transition and harmonious integration.

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  • Are you a freelancer, consultant or solopreneur looking for new horizons and new challenges?

    You are eligible for a Self-Employed Occupation Permit.

    Mauritius is more than a tourist destination; it’s a hub for freelancers from all over the world. Its tax regime, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and exotic lifestyle makes it an ideal place to carry on your self-employed business while enjoying the pleasures of the Indian Ocean on your own or with your family.

  • Are you a nomad, always on the move, seeking a new place to combine work and discovery?

    You are eligible for a Premium Visa residence permit (1 year renewable)

    Mauritius is a perfect mix for nomads or remote work. Between its beaches, its mountains and its “slowlife” atmosphere, it offers a perfect balance between relaxation and productivity. Join a growing community of remote workers who have chosen Mauritius as their home base while remaining connected to their projects. The Premium Visa is a good stepping stone to discover the island before settling in for the long term.

  • Are you considering opening a subsidiary or expanding your business in Mauritius?

    You are eligible for an Investor Occupation Permit and we support you in creating your business.

    Do you want to recruit foreign employees for your Mauritian company?

    It is possible by obtaining an Occupation Permit – Professional.

    Mauritius offers a stable business environment, a qualified workforce with competitive salaries and attractive tax conditions for companies seeking to establish themselves internationally. Opening a business in Mauritius, relocating part of your activities, undertaking or buying a business is possible.

Property Investor
  • Are you an investor looking for serious and profitable real estate opportunities?

    You are eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit: Residency by property acquisition

    Mauritius, with its stable economic growth and booming sectors, is fertile ground for investments. Benefit from a favourable regulatory framework and advantageous taxation to maximise your returns.

  • Are you looking for a peaceful place to enjoy your retirement while having access to quality services?

    You are eligible for a retirement residence permit.

    Mauritius is a retiree’s paradise, offering a combination of beautiful scenery, plenty of activities, an expat community and modern infrastructure. Enjoy a peaceful life in the tropics with all the necessary comforts.

Foreign employee
  • Are you a qualified professional who has landed a job in a Mauritian company?

    You are eligible for a Professional Occupation Permit.

    Indeed, many Mauritian companies cannot find certain expertise they need on the local market, and thus turn abroad. If you are looking for a job in Mauritius, go to our partner’s website MeetYourJob.com, a recruitment specialist in Mauritius.

  • You have landed an internship in a Mauritian company!

    You are eligible for a Student Visa.

    Students in higher education or university: this visa is for you! 
Mauritian companies recruit students for internships of 3 to 6 months. A dream opportunity to combine professional experience and a stay on a tropical island.

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  • Having already been to Mauritius several times, choosing this destination for an internship was an opportunity to see the island from another angle.

    I loved turning my weekends into mini holidays, with boat trips, hikes and meeting new people, each more enriching than the last.

    I can’t wait to finish my studies and settle here for good.

    Thank you to SmartTraveller for helping me with the administrative formalities, which are not always easy to do yourself.



  • My wife and I have been coming to Mauritius regularly for about twenty years to play golf. We dreamed of settling in this idyllic place and enjoying the sweetness of life. COVID gave us a shock and we decided to change our lives. Everything happened really fast.

    We asked Sophie, the real estate expert. She offered us several properties and we signed for a penthouse in Azuri. We enjoy a magnificent view of the lagoon and the golf course at the foot of the complex. Happiness!



  • I think that it is important to be well informed and well accompanied. This avoids unpleasant surprises, misunderstandings and waste of time.

    SmartTraveller, for me, was a great solution. Not only on the administrative side, but also for everything related to daily life on site: accommodation, regions, schools, telephone cards.

    I found that it made my arrival and installation much easier!


    Occupation permit

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To kickstart your sole proprietorship in Mauritius, having a Business Registration Number (BRN) is crucial! Here's all you need to know about this vital document...

Living in Mauritius : A Complete Guide !

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Have you been thinking about living in Mauritius ? It is totally understandable, and we strongly advise you to do so. Life has a completely different savor in Mauritius !

Testimony of a retirement in Mauritius : Luc, the retired beach lover

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Am I considered a tax resident in Mauritius on a Premium Visa?2024-03-13T08:00:04+01:00

We recommend that you contact a tax expert directly! Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our expert Wendy
You can also obtain information directly from the MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority).

Do I have to convert my driving licence in Mauritius?2023-10-31T06:42:12+01:00

Mauritian law states that anyone residing in Mauritius for more than 6 months must apply for a Mauritian driver’s licence at the Casernes in Port-Louis.

You will find the complete procedure in the SmartTraveller’s Digital Guide to Expatriation (ToolBox).

What is the average length of the relocation process in Mauritius with professional guidance?2024-03-13T07:57:17+01:00

The duration may vary according to individual needs and the services chosen. It is best to start the process at least 6 months in advance. You can consult SmartTraveller’s experts directly for a precise estimate.

What are the challenges of relocation to Mauritius, and how can your support help overcome them?2024-03-13T07:58:32+01:00

Legal formalities, the lengthy process of dealing with the authorities from a distance, the lack of reliable and up-to-date information on the Internet, the lack of responsiveness, finding accommodation, cultural integration and understanding the tax system can all be real obstacles. SmartTraveller’s experts, specialised in these various fields, are here to help you navigate serenely through all the different stages of your move to Mauritius.

Is a visa required for Mauritius?2023-10-07T18:32:31+02:00

A visa is required when you come to live in Mauritius for more than 6 months of the year. An application must be made to the relevant authorities.

If you are coming on vacation, you will get a Tourist Visa upon arrival (please check that your nationality qualifies). There is no need to apply in advance; you simply need to travel with the required documents!

Is a return air ticket compulsory when applying for a Residence Permit in Mauritius?2023-10-07T18:32:14+02:00

Yes, when you land in Mauritius you must present a return ticket for a maximum of 90 days after your arrival.

Even if you are in the process of obtaining your Residence Permit (whatever it may be), as you have not yet obtained your final permit, you are not yet considered a resident. A return ticket will therefore be required. We recommend that you contact our partner OneWayFly.

What are the advantages of relocation assistance in Mauritius?2024-03-13T07:58:11+01:00

The support offered by SmartTraveller includes a complete analysis of your personal situation, tailor-made advice on your professional project, recommendations on insurance, schools and accommodation, and assistance with the administrative formalities involved in obtaining residence and work permits in Mauritius.

How do I choose the right support service for my relocation to Mauritius?2024-03-13T07:58:22+01:00

SmartTraveller offers a range of services adapted to different needs, whether you want to work, invest, set up a business or simply live in Mauritius. We offer a discovery call to determine the service best suited to your situation.

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