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Internship visa requirements

Comply with Mauritian regulations to obtain your future intern’s Student Visa

  • Be a Master’s student

  • Have a three party internship agreement (company, school, student)

  • The internship must not exceed 180 days (6 months)

  • The student must be outside Mauritian territory during the entire process

The simplified Trainee Track


Initial assessment during a discovery call


Approval of the quote online


Coordination with the intern to settle in Mauritius


Follow up post-installation

What interns have to say

  • After several trips to Mauritius as a tourist destination, it was an obvious choice.

    Having already been to Mauritius several times, choosing this destination for a course was an opportunity to see the island from another angle.

    I loved turning my weekends into mini holidays, with boat trips, hikes and meeting new people, each more enriching than the last.

    I can’t wait to finish my studies and settle here for good.

    Thank you to SmartTraveller for helping me with the administrative formalities, which are not always easy to do yourself.



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Our offer for foreign students

Essential Pack - Student Visa

  • Administrative procedures for obtaining a student visa – internship
  • Original documents sent by DHL Express
  • Contact with our partner agencies to find accommodation
  • Advice, tips, welcome booklet and access to our various Toolboxes (car rental list, emergency numbers, etc.)

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You are not the first
to have asked yourself these questions.

Does purchasing a property in Mauritius give me authorization to reside and work there?2023-12-10T12:42:39+01:00

Yes, if and only IF the purchase price is more than $375,000 (in programs accessible to foreigners). This residence permit also saves you from having to apply for a work permit if you wish to work in Mauritius.

What real estate programs are accessible to foreigners?2023-12-10T12:43:31+01:00

In order to preserve Mauritian territory, foreigners can acquire a residential property developed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the Property Development Scheme (PDS) or the Smart City Scheme (SCS) or another R+2 or an apartment upstairs.
An R+2 is accessible to foreigners from $175,000.

A purchase of over $375,000 automatically gives you access to the Mauritian residence permit.

Can I buy anywhere on the island?2023-12-10T12:43:59+01:00

Only in programs reserved for foreigners.

How to find real estate open to foreigners?2023-11-03T12:04:54+01:00

Through various real estate agencies. The island being small, we recommend working under mandate with a single real estate agency. This way, they will do everything to find the right thing for you!

We can put you in touch with our trusted partner agency. Do not hesitate to fill out this form to explain your search to us:

Can I buy real estate for my business outside the program reserved for foreigners?2023-12-10T12:45:24+01:00

No. If you are a foreigner and a shareholder of the same company, then the ultimate beneficiary remains a foreigner. So the purchase must be part of the programs reserved for foreigners.

Can I set up an SCI in Mauritius?2023-12-10T12:45:54+01:00

Yes, you can set up an SCI.
For more information, we recommend that you speak with a tax specialist. Do not hesitate to contact our tax expert partner

As a shareholder of my Mauritian company, do I have to reside in Mauritius?2023-11-03T11:49:20+01:00

No, it is not necessary. However, you must appoint a local or foreign director with a residence permit.

What is the cost of renting an office?2023-11-03T11:48:37+01:00

Approximately: (market as of 10/31/2023)

  • Unfurnished office: Rs 400 – Rs 600 (€10) / M² rental
  • Furnished office: Rs 600 – Rs 900 (€20) / M² rental
  • Unfurnished office-house: Rs 200 – Rs 300 (€6) / M² rental

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