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  • Do you have a business in Mauritius and wish to welcome foreign interns?

  • We can take care of all the formalities and welcome them.

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  • Access to an international network of talented interns with our partner

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Internship visa requirements

Comply with Mauritian regulations to obtain your future intern’s Student Visa

  • Be a Master’s student

  • Have a three party internship agreement (company, school, student)

  • The internship must not exceed 180 days (6 months)

  • The student must be outside Mauritian territory during the entire process

The simplified Internship Track


Initial assessment during a discovery call


Approval of the quote online


Coordination with the intern to settle in Mauritius


Follow up post-installation

What interns have to say

  • After several trips to Mauritius as a tourist destination, it was an obvious choice.

    Having already been to Mauritius several times, choosing this destination for an internship was an opportunity to see the island from another angle.

    I loved turning my weekends into mini holidays, with boat trips, hikes and meeting new people, each more enriching than the last.

    I can’t wait to finish my studies and settle here for good.

    Thank you to SmartTraveller for helping me with the administrative formalities, which are not always easy to do yourself.



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Our offer for foreign students

Essential Pack - Student Visa

  • Administrative procedures for obtaining a student visa – internship
  • Original documents sent by DHL Express
  • Contact with our partner agencies to find accommodation
  • Advice, tips, welcome booklet and access to our various Toolboxes (car rental list, emergency numbers, etc.)

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We’ve condensed as much information as possible for your installation in our Smartguides.


Discover Mauritius as you’ve never heard it told: secrets, anecdotes, tips and tricks!

Find all the information you need for your new life in Mauritius

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How to find accommodation in Mauritius?2024-06-13T08:28:54+02:00

At SmartTraveller, we can connect you with our trusted partners. Do not hesitate to fill out the form HERE.
Mauritius works a lot through various Facebook groups. Do not hesitate to post messages on the various groups:

What is the maximum duration of an internship in Mauritius?2023-10-31T07:37:03+01:00

180 days is the equivalent of 6 months.

Will the Mauritius embassy/consulate in my country do my student visa?2024-03-13T08:45:13+01:00

Absolutely Not!
A Student Visa is issued directly in Mauritius by the Immigration. SmartTraveller acts as a link between the applicant and the Immigration Office.

Is a student visa required?2023-10-31T07:35:50+01:00

A student visa is required in Mauritius to complete a paid internship.

What are the conditions for doing an internship in Mauritius?2023-10-31T07:24:38+01:00
  • Obtain an internship in a company registered in Mauritius
  • Have a tripartite internship agreement (company, school, student)
  • Not be on Mauritian territory when applying for the Visa
    The internship must not exceed 180 days (6 months)

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