Are you considering about making Mauritius your new home ? It’s totally understandable, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap !

Embracing perpetual sunshine, immersing yourself in diverse cultures, flourishing in a secure environment, all within an exceptional environment… Life in Mauritius offers a delightful experience every day!

Like yourself, many travellers have chosen to settle in Mauritius. Just this year, more than one hundred expats have trusted SmartTraveller’s expatriation support services.

You have been dreaming about it ? Do not hesitate ! With this guide, you will know everything you need about the advantages of a new life in Mauritius.

Why choose Mauritius ?

Year-round sunshine, long stretches of white beaches, a vibrant lagoon, and the legendary kindness of its people… Living in Mauritius offers numerous advantages! Whether you’re here for just a few months or contemplating launching a local business, you will undoubtedly discover new opportunities in our small paradise.

Mauritius is a true cultural melting pot. Here, you’ll find people of Indian, African, Chinese, and European origins. Over time, this cultural fusion has given rise to a common Creole culture, making the island a perfect place to explore and share with new people.

In Mauritius, it is quite common to encounter a Hindu temple alongside a mosque or a church. All these cultures peacefully coexist under the languid sun of the Indian Ocean.

National cultural festivities such as Christmas, Diwali, or the Chinese New Year are joyously celebrated by all residents.

Of course, like everywhere else, living in Mauritius also has some disadvantages. You will find in this article everything you need to know about this unique island !

Grand Bassin, a sacred place in Mauritius

Choosing a visa/permit

If you want to live, work or find a school for your kids in Mauritius, you will have to ask for the right permit or visa. This precious piece of paper will become your ticket to a new life under the sun !

You certainly wonder which one to choose…

No need to worry ! Mauritius has a visa/permit for everyone : students, freelancers, investors, Digital Nomads, solo travellers, couples, families…

Take the leap ! You will find every useful information about the procedures needed to obtain each visa right here.

If one of those meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact Anaïs, our expatriation expert ! Based on each of our clients project and needs, she offers professional, taylor-made advices with a touch of contagious joy !

Planning your expenses

Any expatriation project needs to be prepared seriously. Moreover, moving to the middle of the Indian Ocean is not cheap !

Time to calculate !

Dépenses administratives

Each visa/permit offered in Mauritius is different and answers different needs. The costs are also different. To know more about the administrative costs, click right HERE !

Les billets d’avion

Several airline companies are present in Mauritius : Air France, Corsair, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and others. Tickets prices may vary depending on the airline you choose and the season of your trip. Generally, a return flight from Europe costs between 500 and 1,600 euros in Economy Class.

Be aware that tickets prices are higher at the end of the year, during the touristic season.

To know everything about the plane tickets costs to Mauritius, have a look right HERE.

Affrêter un conteneur

Rest assured : in Mauritius, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of furniture, household appliances, and interior décor to meet all your needs! Many stores offer a diverse array of products, catering to a variety of tastes.

Bringing your own belongings is certainly possible. However, this entails chartering a container, the cost of which will vary depending on its volume.

Considering to ask for the expertise of an international moving specialist for an accurate quote is an ideal solution! Don’t hesitate to contact our relocation expert for more detailed information.

In Mauritius, most residences are already fully furnished when rented or sold.

S’expatrier avec son animal de compagnie

It is totally possible to bring your favorite pet with you in Mauritius ! Just like yourself, your best friend will have to obtain a visa.

To know more about the processes, click right HERE !

Settling in Mauritius

Here you are ! After a few months, you have been granted your precious visa ! However, before you are allowed to rightfully celebrate this milestone, there are still a few paperworks to complete… In Mauritius, we have different visas for different profiles.

To help you choose which one suits you the most, it’s over HERE !


Completing your expatriation process

You have doubts about where to live, your children’s school, your health insurance or your medical appointments ? Our experts have written articles to answer all these questions ! Just have a look at our blog and our FAQ.


Please find a complete article on the expatriation process to Mauritius right HERE !


Establishing yourself and finding your bearings

To settle far away from your home can be a real challenge ! However, any expatriation project needs a good dose of adaptation. Here are some useful tips to help you find your bearings in your new life in Mauritius.

  • Grocery shopping: Super U, Intermart, Winners… Have a look at our guide for more information on this.
  • Pleasure expenses: pastries, hair salons, shopping malls (Bagatelle, La Croisette, Tribecca Mall, Mont-Choisy Mall)…
  • Transportation : you will be able to buy or rent a ride, or book a taxi. Public transports are not recommend because mostly unreliable, except for the new Metro Express which only deserves a small portion of the island as of now.
  • Medical care : C-Care, Life, Nova +… More details right HERE.
  • Your leisure activities, fitness center, and extracurricular activities for your children: water sports, diving centers, nature parks, beaches, sports centers, gyms, spas, riding schools… Mauritius is a haven for those leading an active lifestyle!
  • Where to fill your gas tank : Shell, TotalEnergies, Engen, IndianOil…
  • Banks : MCB, SBM, Absa, HSBC, MauBank and others.
  • When you are not in the mood to cook : OrderManzer, HungryDodo, DeliveryDodo.
  • In need of a quick ride : MoTaxi, Yugo.

We know it must seem like a lot but you should be able to find your rythm quite fast if you put an effort to it.

Leisure and activities

Living in Mauritius isn’t just about donning sunglasses all day and sharing envy-worthy selfies on social media to impress friends. It’s about venturing beyond your comfort zone, discovering new spaces, immersing yourself in a rich culture, and cherishing every moment. It’s all about preserving that childlike spirit!

Beyond the dreamlike beaches and usual stereotypes, the island offers a long list of activities !

Each weekend in Mauritius has the potential to unfold into a mini-adventure! Whether you’re exploring iconic landmarks, savoring delectable local cuisine, immersing yourself in the tropical forest, delving into underwater exploration, relishing water sports, or simply discovering tranquility on a deserted islet, finding joy in Mauritius is an effortlessly rewarding experience.

For those seeking to integrate and forge connections, consider joining Facebook groups like Expat Maurice. It’s a fantastic avenue to explore fresh activities, engage in diverse events, or simply build a network of friends who share your passions!

Mauritius is a golf haven

Working in Mauritius

Working beneath the sun and swaying coconut trees—it’s a dream, isn’t it? Well, believe us, it’s entirely achievable!

Beyond the postcard image, Mauritius is among the most developed countries in Africa. Consequently, the country is increasingly attracting foreigners in search of employment or foreign companies looking to recruit.

In fields ranging from digital marketing to finance and FinTech, Mauritius provides a plethora of opportunities! Your perfect fit may just be a bit of exploration away, such as registering on tailored service platforms like Career Hub.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to bear in mind that working on Mauritian soil as an employee comes with specific requirements, such as obtaining the Professional Occupation Permit, the local work permit.

To know everything about the work environment in Mauritius, click over HERE !

Finding a job

In accordance with Mauritian labor law, an expatriate is not eligible for a position that could be filled by a Mauritian. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s always a way !

To enhance your job search, don’t hesitate to enlist the services of a recruitment agency and explore various employment assistance platforms.

Our partner, MeetYourJob, is an expert in recruitment in Mauritius and beyond. They help expatriates daily to find the job that best suits them, offering tailored and comprehensive support.

Launching a business

Are you considering launching your own business? Mauritius provides an exceptionally conducive environment and numerous advantages for expats embarking on their entrepreneurial journey! Quite thrilling, isn’t it?

Discover the reasons why Mauritius is a perfect place to build the business of your dreams right HERE.

Are you thinking about investing in the real estate market in Mauritius? Follow our tips right HERE !

Working in Mauritius

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, living in Mauritius is much more than just enjoying the beaches, coconut trees, and sunshine. It’s an extraordinary journey worth experiencing, whether on your own, with your family, or for business purposes.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are able to give you useful tips and facilitate in no time your expatriation process!

We look forward to seeing you in paradise!


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