The turnkey pack
for a serene
and successful expatriation

  • Do you have a relocation project in Mauritius?
  • Would you like to compare Mauritius to other destinations?
  • Would you like to receive concrete information
    on visas, the budget, schools, taxation, housing…?

Our teams have designed a turnkey solution to lay the foundations of your expatriation project.
We analyze your personal situation. We provide you with our best advice for your professional project, visa, taxation, etc. and recommend all the information you need (insurance, schools, accommodation, etc.).

Your support – Le Phare


I fill out
the situation form


I receive my full analysis
and my recommendations


I accept a video call
to explain my project further

Your Le Phare Pack includes


  • Your Mauritian analysis following your responses
  • Details of the Residence Permits that may suit you and why
  • Our advice on choosing a status based on your profile
  • Questions to ask yourself to make the right choice the first time
  • An update on taxation and what you need to know
  • Where to settle based on your interests, your daily lifestyle, schools for your children, your monthly budget…
  • A small selection of accommodations in relation to your budget to get an idea
  • An update on insurance
  • An overall envelope for your budget: what to take into consideration?
  • Our advice to get started with your eyes closed!