Where to shop in Mauritius?

where to shop in Mauritius

When you go to live abroad, it always takes time to adapt to find new references. Where to shop in Mauritius?

This is one of the first habits that we put in place.

That's why we give you some addresses to do your food shopping in Mauritius.

Supermarkets, greengrocers, markets, grocery stores... everything is there!


where to shop in Mauritius

You can find a wide variety of supermarkets, but where to shop in Mauritius? No need to panic! You won't lose your bearings with the French brands established in Mauritius. For more exoticism and to get a better idea of the Mauritian way of life, you will also find typical supermarkets.


Intermart is a chain of Mauritian supermarkets. Initially independent, the chain then became a partner of Intermarché. This partnership allows Intermart to sell French products present in all Intermarché stores. You will not be disoriented in this supermarket where you can find brands that you may already be used to consuming in France. And what's more, at affordable prices!

The chain is located on 8 sites: Bagatelle, Ebène, La croisette, Beau Bassin, Curepipe, So'flo, Calodyne and Quatre Bornes. So it's easy to get to Intermart to do your shopping, no matter where you are.

Super U

Good news! Super U is also present in Mauritius!

You will be able to shop for all kinds of food and also find souvenirs from Maurice that are more affordable than in other stores. You will not be lost.

In Mauritius there are 4 Super U stores: Quatre Bornes, Flacq Shopping Centre, U Express Tamarin and Grand Bay.

Store 2000

Store 2000 is a typical Mauritian supermarket in Grand Bay. In this supermarket you can buy fresh and local products but also international products. The prices are generally affordable and the store often offers discounts. It is a must have supermarket in Mauritius where locals and expats are used to do their shopping.


Winner's is a chain of Mauritian supermarkets established in the big cities but also in the villages and offers fresh and local products. It is one of the favourite supermarkets of Mauritian families.

There are no less than 25 Winner's outlets in Mauritius. And the little extra: they deliver all over the island and also practice click and collect.


Jumbo is a pioneer in the field of mass retailing in Mauritius. It has various stores: hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores. You will be able to do your daily shopping there easily, nothing more convenient! Not to mention that Jumbo stores sell Casino brand products, so you will not be lost!

7 stores are present in Mauritius at different locations: Riche Terre, Moka, Curepipe, Beau Bassin, Phoenix, Quatre Bornes and Flic en Flac.

Food Lover's Market

For those who love organic food, Food Lover's Market is a must! In addition to providing fresh and local products, the store offers products from around the world. The little extra: a cafeteria is present in each store, perfect for a bite to eat or a drink after shopping.

3 stores are available depending on your location: Bagatelle, La Croisette and Rivière Noire.


where to shop in Mauritius

Bazaar Canonniers

Apart from the supermarkets, where to shop in Mauritius?

Bazar Canonniers is a local shop with a rustic universe located at Pointe aux Canonniers. In this shop you will find fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, cheeses, pastries, local specialties or natural cosmetics. This warm and friendly place is worth a visit!

The Central Market of Port-Louis

To soak up the Mauritian culture, a visit to the central market of Port-Louis is a must. It is the largest and most emblematic market of the island.

Located on Queen Street, you can visit this covered market every day of the year. On the spot, you will be enchanted by unforgettable smells. Nothing better to awaken all your senses!

In this market you can find: fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, spices and ready-to-eat products such as fried mine, aloudas, or dholl puris.

All these fresh products are cheap and the quality is there. So don't hesitate to go there!

Goodland Market

Located in the North of the island in Goodland, this market is almost exclusively frequented by locals. Prices are cheap and the diversity of products is incomparable. You will find freshly harvested fruits and vegetables but also stalls offering Mauritian specialties to be enjoyed on the go. The Goodland Market is a lively place that will immerse you in the Mauritian atmosphere for sure!


NeoFoods is a grocery store located in Riche Terre that imports and distributes healthy food products and ingredients. The mission of this Mauritian company is to offer a balanced and affordable diet to Mauritians. This grocery store offers dry products such as tea, coffee, cakes, cereals, etc. Not to mention the numerous bulk foods. For a healthy and responsible consumption, it's here!


Impossible to do this article without talking about the tabagies. These are small typically Mauritian shops where you can find everything! Cigarettes, drinks, snacks and basic necessities. But it is above all a place of sharing where Mauritians meet. These small shops are found all over the island, you are bound to find one near you. Perfect to taste the Mauritian street food and to soak up this gastronomy with a thousand flavours.

Primeurs fruits and vegetables

where to shop in Mauritius

If you are looking for a local fruit and vegetable shop, here are some addresses tested and approved by our community. Freshness and quality guaranteed!


Farm Basket is a farm that produces and harvests fresh and sustainably grown fruit and vegetables in St Julien d'Hotman. To shop you can go directly to the farm or have it delivered to your home or to a relay point anywhere on the island.


Agribio is an Ecocert certified company that grows organic fruits and vegetables. A list of seasonal vegetables is proposed each week according to the vegetables of the moment. You can visit the farm or have them delivered to your home.

Green Bike

Le Vélo Vert brings together vegetables and fruit from organic farming on the same platform. The market gardeners grow and harvest the produce themselves on site. If you attach a lot of importance to the origin of what is on your plate, don't wait any longer to make your purchases there!

Not to mention that in Mauritius you will find very affordable fruit and vegetable vendors on every street corner or roadside. The choice is almost infinite!

Among all the places to shop in Mauritius, we have chosen a few points of sale but there are many others. In the four corners of the island you will also find bakeries, butchers, cheese makers and a whole lot of other shops. You will have understood, in Mauritius there is no lack of anything! ✨

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