Your guide for expatriates in Mauritius!

At Smart Traveller, we believe that a successful expatriation is a well-prepared expatriation.
Find the perfect guide to expatriation in Mauritius among our 3 free downloadable e-books!

Smart Expat: the guide for expats in Mauritius

Are you professional, self-employed, or retired? If you wish to come and settle in Mauritius alone or with your family, the Smart Expat guide is made for you!

Did you know that there are 14 public holidays a year in Mauritius? That a pint of beer costs between 2 and 3 euros? And that the income tax rate for an employee is 15%?

This guide will help you prepare for your arrival, anticipate daily life in Mauritius, find out about the administrative procedures, etc. All the answers to your questions about expatriation can be found in this guide!

You will also find testimonials and advice from expatriates in Mauritius for several years, as well as practical information and comparisons between France and Mauritius.

The Smart Expat guide will also tell you about the history of Mauritius, the different cultures that blend together, and the must-see places on the island for your weekends in the sun...

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Mauritius expat guide

Smart Company: the guide for businesses in Mauritius

You wish to relocate your company to Mauritius? The Smart Company guide will be useful for you!

With its 15% VAT, its offices for rent at 20€ per square metre on average and a very short time to set up a company, Mauritius is ranked 1st in Africa in the World Bank's Doing Business 2018 Ranking.

Economic advantages of Mauritius, figures on taxation, panorama of the Mauritian economy in general: the guide brings together all the relevant information for setting up your business in Mauritius.

You will also find a comparison of the different types of companies and a summary of the steps to set up your business in Mauritius!

Bonus? Testimonials from company founders who have already made the leap...

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Mauritius expat guide

Smart Student: the guide for students and trainees in Mauritius

Are you still a student and dreaming of going abroad for a few months? Download our Smart Student guide, the comprehensive guide to living in Mauritius designed to make life easier for students!

2 to 3 hours time difference with France, shopping at 80€ per month and an idyllic living environment... It makes you want to, doesn't it?

Questions about administrative procedures, housing, transport, cost of living or the student community on site: everything is there! You can prepare your departure with complete peace of mind. You are even given a list of things to remember in your suitcase.

You will also find information on the History of the island, the many activities you can do there... and even a few words in Creole! Cozer twa? (What's up?)

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Mauritius expat guide

Have you found your expatriation guide?

Mauritius is waiting for you!

So, shall we try the adventure?

Would you like to join us? It's this way!

And for expats who want to come and live with their families, an article on school in Mauritius

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