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Questions about working in Mauritius?

Astrid, expatriate for 5 years with her husband and 3 children, shares her experience as a wife, mother and professional.

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Working in Mauritius : My professional routine

Astrid's story, who found a job in Mauritius: She works in a communication agency in the north of the island.

"Work permit validated, contract signed, I'm starting my life as an employee in the tropics! I was used to a 100% Parisian professional life, what will it be like?

I wonder about my work methods, my colleagues, my relations with my future clients. The environment as a whole!

It's Monday, it's 6:00 a.m. and the alarm clock goes off. Don't think it's a torture, on the contrary, here at 6am it's already daylight, the birds are singing, it's a pleasure and the sun is already shining and you're already feeling good!

7:30 am, I leave the house for work and already I say to myself "what luck". The way to work is soothing, I cross a bridge over the lagoon, a small typical village where everyone is busy, cane fields on my left bathed by the sunlight, in the distance the tip of the corner of sight...I let you imagine!

I get to the office and what an office!!! The vegetation is still there and the birds singing does not leave you.

It is a pleasure to meet my colleagues and to exchange a few words with them. In my agency, 80% of the employees are Mauritians, which is a real asset and above all I learn a lot of Creole expressions and during lunch break, I taste typical Mauritian dishes.

Working in Mauritius is also about adapting, isn't it?

The working methods don't really change from those I had in Paris. Here, we work just as hard, we do everything to satisfy the customer, but there are some differences:

  • It's very "Straight to the point" as the English say. There is less "fuss", less meetings that last for hours without any precise results, we go straight to the point. It's very appreciable.
  • We can therefore set up an operation very quickly, if a customer is ok with one of our proposals, we can set it up in the days that follow, we don't have to go through 10,000 validations and it's very pleasant.
  • Here the meetings are in three languages: French, English and Creole! At first it's not obvious "but what are they talking about?", honestly I didn't stress, I found these situations quite comical on my side, and little by little you learn (after 6 months I still have a little difficulty) "It's Mari easy!"

On the other hand, the expertise can be different and as an outsider, it's interesting to share your vision and mix it with your new boss. I have always been listened to and some of my proposals have been accepted.

I have always been lucky to work with nice clients with whom I have good relationships. There is a much more open-mindedness than in France, I think linked to the fact that most of my colleagues have lived abroad. Either through their studies (which concerns many Mauritians) or expatriates like me. I am not criticizing my country, France, which I love, it is just an observation.

"A very enjoyable lunch break, except when the birds bite your lunch!"

The lunch break in the shade of the trees is very pleasant, except when the birds want to steal your lunch... as a rule, I bring my lunch box because there are not many restaurants around or even in some cases they are non-existent and canteens are very rare. So it's better to bring your own lunch box.

Time off?!

Even if the RTTs don't exist, we have 20 days of paid holidays, 13 days on average of public holidays and 15 days of sick leave, we're not bad! This gives us time to perfect our water skiing posture or progress in Kite surfing.

Working in Mauritius is also an end of day in the tropics!

The day ends, I go back home, for those who don't have children, the after work is a dream: sport, yoga, meditation, sea bathing, sunset aperitif... there is something to do to end the day and feel almost on vacation in the evening. As for me, I find my children and I take care of them. This does not prevent me from going for a little swim in the sea with them, just before sunset.

Also know:

If I had to add a shadow to the picture, I would tell you about the salary. They are mostly lower than in France for example. For me, I still lost 35%. The ratios are different according to the sectors and the companies, but it is important to know. A qualitative life like inMauritius requires sacrifices.

Working in Mauritius (or anywhere else I suppose) is a real beneficial experience and a real challenge in terms of our ability to adapt and I am convinced that it will open up other perspectives and bring me a different vision of the working world.

Dare and come live a unique experience on our beautiful island!

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