A French school in Mauritius?

french school mauritius

How to find a school in Mauritius? 

If that's not a good question!

In most cases, expatriation is also a family affair.

The question of school then quickly comes up...

How does the school system in Mauritius work? What are the schools? How to choose?  

Among our SmartTraveller clients, this topic comes up regularly! We thought that they should not be the only ones looking for this information.

Du coup, on vous à concocté une liste des écoles à l’île Maurice à recevoir par email. Vous y trouverez les écoles par régions, par niveau avec une description de chaque école.

Whether you are looking for a French school in Mauritius or an international school, everything is there! You can compare schools for your children before you arrive in Mauritius.

We've condensed our knowledge to make the experience of moving to Mauritius easier for you. If you have other schools in mind that are not on our list, please let us know in the comments 😉

Tip : Choose the school closest to your home to avoid long travel times for your children.

In this list you will find information for :


  • Crèches and day care centres in Mauritius such as Ile O z'enfants or YoungMinds.
  • Nursery and primary schools in Mauritius: Martin'écol'ette, Paul et Virginie, l'École du Nord...
  • Colleges and high schools : Ecole du Centre, Ecole du Nord, and the high schools of La Bourdonnais and Mascareignes.
  • Higher education: With the University of the Mascarene Islands, Medina and more!
  • Alternative, specialised schools and extra-curricular activities such as music lessons in Mauritius, manual activities or leisure centres...


And many more schools in Mauritius!

We have listed about 40 schools for you.

schools mauritius


Stay tuned! We are working on an even more complete list of schools in Mauritius!

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Any questions about your project? 🇲🇺

Do not hesitate to ask our team.We will be happy to guide you!

And if you have any questions about a French school in Mauritius or an international school, do not hesitate to contact them directly. They will be able to advise you at best 🙂

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