Working and living in Mauritius: Meet Nolwenn, digital nomad

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We had the chance to meet Nolwenn, a digital nomad who chose to put her bags down in Mauritius to work and live her nomadic life to the fullest. Nolwenn is a passionate teleworker who decided to take off and explore the world 🌍

In this testimonial, she shares with us her experience as a digital nomad in Mauritius, the benefits and challenges she encountered as well as her advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps 🏃🏼

Hello Nolwenn! You've been a digital nomad in Mauritius for a few months! What made you want to move there? 

Hi, I'm Nolwenn! Before arriving in Mauritius, I didn't really know where to go at first, but I was absolutely looking for a sunny place, not too far from France or a convenient time zone because I'm employed in a French company. 

So I searched on the internet for the best destinations to stay in when it's cold in France, which are nice, where there is wifi, and Mauritius was in the top three. Mauritius ticked all my boxes, in a few days my choice was made and I took my plane tickets very quickly ✈️

When and how did you organize your departure for Mauritius?

I must admit that I didn't really prepare myself for this trip! Fortunately, I am lucky enough to be French, so I was able to get a visa quite easily. 

I simply took a suitcase with the bare minimum and my work gear, and left for an initial stay of a month to a month and a half on a tourist visa.

In general, as a digital nomadyou don't take your whole life with you in your suitcase. My computer, some bathing suits and a pair of sunglasses are enough! 

When I arrived, I met another digital nomad who was there for 6 months and I fell in love with the island. So, I too stayed for 6 months 💛

So no other specific preparation, to the digital nomad with the strict minimum! 

How do you manage your time, between your professional life and your personal life? Do you have any tips to find a balance between the two? Is it easy to stay focused with the beach nearby? 

I had the choice to keep the French schedule, therefore working with a 2-3 hours time difference, or to adapt to the local schedule and start working at 11am but finish at 8-9pm. I decided to adapt to the local rhythm of Mauritius because I am a morning person! 

I start my day with a session at the gym, they are really cool here! Then I work and stay focused, so no breaks at the beach. I think when you're a digital nomad, it's important to maintain that discipline no matter where you are! But it's true that sometimes I should give myself a few breaks.  

Little advice ✔️ Have a routine to stay productive! But I understand better those who crack, the beach at 50m is tempting. 

What do you like most about Mauritius as a digital nomad? Is there anything that surprised you / something you didn't expect when you arrived? 

What I like most is the weather! The weather is always nice here! And then, the Mauritians are really nice, that surprised me. They welcome you and show you around their island. Coming from Paris, we are not used to see such open and smiling people 😁

And then, before coming, I thought that the island was wild, little developed but in fact, not at all! I live in the north and I am not at all disoriented, there are cafes, restaurants, bars. It's great because there are regions that have remained wild, like the south and others that have not, like the north and the center. So we can change environment in 45 minutes 😱 

Here, you need a car! There are buses but if you stay a while on the island, you will see that having your own vehicle is a game changer.  

What were your criteria for choosing Mauritius and what are the advantages of Mauritius compared to other destinations for a digital nomad? 

My criteria were sunshine, wifi (non-negotiable when working in nomadic mode), and simplicity

Life here is gentle, simple. Since during the day I'm so busy with my work, I needed to have this calm and relaxing side too.

There's no headaches, you can just enjoy the moment 😎

Living and working in Mauritius is really great!

What was the biggest challenge you faced as a digital nomad in Mauritius and how did you manage to overcome it?

The biggest challenge has been to find a balance between enjoying the island and working at the same time. I haven't quite found it yet, but I'm working on it.  

But apart from that, frankly, in Mauritius, there are no real challenges. The only thing I can say is that here people take their time, in Paris we are very fast so we are not used to people taking their time. But in the end, it feels good to take time!

We're curious about the coolest places you like to go to work and get inspired. Give us your favorite spots! 

Oh, my favorite spots to work? Of course! I love Bloom in Pereybere, it's a great place! I've also worked a lot in hotel stores. It's just amazing, you put on your noise-canceling headphones, you're right next to the pool, it's the absolute dream! 🌴

But honestly, nothing beats working from home. I have a big living room and a spacious garden, it's perfect! And here in Mauritius, you can find nice houses where it's nice to live and work. It's ideal for my online calls. 

Of course, there are also coworking spaces all over the island where some of my friends go to telework, like my roommate. It's super convenient! 

Were you well received by the local population? Did you meet people easily and did you create friendships? 

The local people are great! I have never met such welcoming, generous and smiling people! Unfortunately, I didn't make friends with locals, but rather with expats, a Moroccan, a Lebanese and an Indian, who are also digital nomads 🙌

Are you closer to an expatriate community or have you integrated well into the local life? 

I am closer to the expatriate community, but this does not prevent me from meeting Mauritians with whom I had a great time. I thank them a lot, because many of them took me under their wings to show me the nice places to see. 

What is the difference between your life in Paris and your life in Mauritius?  

There are so many things! Again, there is sunshine, it's beautiful all the time ☀️

I'm in a good mood all the time, which is great. Even though I've had a few little glitches, the people around me are in such a good mood that no matter what happens, you can't be in a bad mood.  

So I am much, much less stressed than in Paris and believe me, it feels good.  

And then, Mauritius is beautiful, the colors, the landscapes, it is so beautiful that your state of mind and your energy are different!  

Then of course there is the beach, I am a beach girl, so it makes a huge difference for me to have access to the lagoon 5min from my house 🌊

What are your tips for successfully living and working on an island paradise like Mauritius? 

To live the life of your dreams on a paradise island like Mauritius, here are my tips!  

First of all, having a framework and being at least a little organized helps a lot! 

Then, force yourself to meet people, because even if traveling alone is nice, sharing these moments with other people is even better. So reach out to other digital nomads and the local community. 

And don't forget to get some guidance and advice, so that you don't ask yourself questions like, "Do I need a visa?" or "Am I legal?" 

A test run can also be a good idea, test for a month to see if you like it!

Make a little list of what you like and see if Mauritius ticks all the boxes! For me, it was THE perfect destination! 

Nolwenn, digital nomad ! She came to live and work in Mauritius 6 months ago

Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or simply an adventurer in search of new horizons, Mauritius is an ideal destination to live a unique experience of digital nomad. 

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