Telecommuting abroad: Igor's experience in Mauritius


Telecommuting abroad is a dream, it's a fact! Igor took the plunge and moved to Mauritius as a digital nomad. For this new life experience, he called on the services of SmartTraveller.

Learn about her new life in the tropics with her testimonial! 🌴👇🏻

Igor's testimony

In a few words, who are you?

My name is Igor, I am 45 years old and I am a psychologist. My values are connection, sharing with people, compassion, exploration and enjoying every moment of life. I am a digital nomad and plan to stay in Mauritius for a year or two while continuing to work with my old and new clients from my home region, the Balkans.

Day at the beach

What made you want to move abroad?

I have always loved to travel. When I travel and explore, I feel free and excited, and I feel like the best version of myself. As a university professor, I had the opportunity to travel around the world during the long winter and summer breaks between semesters. While every climate and culture has its charms, I have found that the tropics awaken something special in me.

The desire to live in Mauritius was born almost immediately after I left my position as a university professor after 18 years of permanent employment. While searching the internet, I concluded that Mauritius offered everything that is important to me in one place. During this search, I also came across SmartTraveller and the first conversation with Albane only confirmed my desire.

Mauritius... Why did you choose our little island?

Mauritius has a tropical climate, a mix of different cultures and tourists, a beautiful coastline, an exciting hinterland and all the necessary infrastructure. It is also much more affordable than other tropical islands I have considered in the Indian Ocean. The time zone also suits me perfectly since I wanted to be able to continue to exchange with my clients while telecommuting abroad.

What were your questions, doubts and fears before you left?

I had no questions and no dilemmas about whether to do it. The only questions I had were organizational ones and all the questions I couldn't find answers to on the internet, I got from the SmartTraveller team and I am very grateful to them.

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You chose the Premium Visa to come and settle in Mauritius. Why this visa rather than another?

The Premium Visa suits me best as I have a well developed private psychology practice at home, and as during the covid pandemic all clients got used to working online, everything was perfectly prepared for me to telework abroad and especially from Mauritius.

Arrival under the sun ☀️

Visit of the island by scooter

If you had one word to describe your arrival in Mauritius, what would it be?


Your installation... Finally! How did it go?

Yes, finally! 😊 Everything went very smoothly and without any problems or difficulties. I first booked an apartment in the west of the island, in Flic-en-Flac, for a month via Airbnb and rented a maxi scooter. The original idea was to live in different places for a month, so I explored other areas during those first months. Eventually I decided that Flic-en-Flac was perfect for me. 😊 Then, through local agencies, I found accommodation for a longer period.

How was your first meeting with Mauritians (Supermarket, hotel, cabs, friends...)?

During my explorations in these first months, all the people I came in contact with, from whom I asked for advice or services, were all kind, helpful and I did not have a single unpleasant experience, abuse or scam. It is very easy to get around because everyone speaks English, all the products I usually buy and use at home are available in the stores in Mauritius. Plus many local products that are not in the stores at home! 😊

If I want local food, I find it - on the street or in restaurants. The fruit is fantastic. Asian food is everywhere. Again, if I want European food, it's available everywhere. So is a great selection of wines.
Tap water is safe to drink and mobile internet prices are incredibly low for Africa.

What is your life like in the sun today?

I have been in Mauritius long enough to have experienced both summer and winter, and I can't say which period I prefer. The right answer would be both.

In my private practice, I usually work from 10 am, and since the time difference is two hours, I start working in Mauritius from noon. This is fantastic, because I have forgotten what it means to wake up with an alarm since I am in Mauritius. Every morning I have time to wake up quietly, stretch, have breakfast and go to the beach to swim and sunbathe. It is only afterwards that my work day starts, just when it is hot.

After that, I can devote all my attention to my first round of sessions with clients. In the evening, I go to the beach again, swimming and watching the sunset, since I am on the west side of the island, and I remain hypnotized every time. Then I have dinner overlooking the ocean and slowly continue the evening series of sessions (it's 10pm in Mauritius, it's 8pm at home, which is the usual time I stop working with clients). After that, I have more time for e-mail, reading or walking. I don't work two days a week. I take the opportunity to explore the island or I stay to rest and enjoy the beach at Flic-en-Flac.

Discovery of local flavors

One word to sum up this wonderful adventure!

I have no regrets. Mauritius was the right choice at that time of my life.

What did you think of SmartTraveller's support?

SmartTraveller was the best choice of agency to settle in Mauritius. We are always in touch, every time I have a question, I don't feel like I have to refrain from asking it, asking for advice or help. I have always been able to count on Albane and the team, and I thank you very much.

If you also dream of teleworking abroad, then Mauritius is waiting for you!

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