Start-up: why Mauritius to set up its activities?

Settling in Mauritius

Start-up and Mauritius: the beginning of a great story... A crisis like the one the world is going through is always the time to take the time to ask the right questions, to re-evaluate one's practices, to focus on the essentials. This is a good time for change since it is externally driven, leading to telework, restructuring, etc.

The management and development of a start-up is not exempt from these questions...

This is the time to think of an evolution that brings freshness and positive!

Have you ever imagined expatriating your activities and part of your team?

Mauritius is THE ideal destination for this decision.

Mauritius: many assets
for business

start up Mauritius

Savings thanks to advantageous taxation

In Mauritius, the tax rate is 15%: corporate taxes established on the island, personal taxes, VAT, etc. so no surprise, this single rate is a considerable advantage for the life of entrepreneurs

Light management charges for your startup in Mauritius ...

One of the biggest budget items for French companies is the payment of social security and employers' contributions, and this obviously has an impact on employment.

In Mauritius:

  • social security charges on salaries are 2.5%.
  • employer's charges of 10 % on a salary of more than 19,000 rupees (about 500 €)
  • and there's no tax on dividends.

For a company, the cost of an employee is about 40% lower than in France. Note however: your employee does not contribute for unemployment and retirement, so you will need to join a private pension and social security organisation (CFE or local insurance).

To summarize, we can compare salaries like this:

Function France Mauritius
Java Developer 4000 € 1000 €
PHP Developer 3 800€ 830€
Graphic designer 3 000€ 600€
Sales 3 250€ 530€
Digital communication 3 000€ 650€
Accountant 3 000€ 800€
Administrative Assistant 2 500€ 250€
HR Manager 5 000€ 2 000€
IT Manager 6 000€ 1 500€
Digital Marketing Specialist 3 000€ 780€
SEO Analyst 4 000€ 660€
Marketing Director 6 500€ 1 800€

A qualified workforce

Thanks to compulsory and free schooling up to the age of 16, Mauritians have a very good level of education and are, at the very least, bilingual English-French! A godsend for IT domains, data processing centers, etc. In addition, the field of education is booming in Mauritius and good higher education institutions are emerging and attracting more and more Mauritian and international students. Examples include the Charles Telfair Institut and its bachelors in Commerce, IT and Communication as well as the MBAs of the Analysis Institute of Management supervised by the University Paris Dauphine and the Paris-Sorbonne Business School.

High-performance equipment

Optical fibre has been installed on the island for several years now and has enabled the development of many companies, particularly in data processing and call centres.

Thanks to the explosion of telecommuting, new management practices and high-performance Internet connections, it is easy to work at a distance from the parent company, even 10,000 km away!

More and more companies (start-ups or others) are adapting to these new forms of work and relocating part of their team. With wage portage (also possible in Mauritius), they can even test their project without taking too many risks.

Extraordinary working conditions

Apart from the financial advantages of living in Mauritius, there are above all an exceptional living environment to which future residents can aspire:

  • Working in an idyllic setting! Depending on your tastes: tropical garden, swimming pool, tasty lunch cooked on the spot, the beach just a stone's throw away or a view of the green mountains!
  • A slight time difference (2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter) with France allows you to be "ahead of the game": the time to read your emails and answer them to be at the top of the mailbox of your European customers.
  • A close-knit and motivated team thanks to numerous festive and nature activities: catamaran trips, barbecue on the beach, surfing, zip lines, hiking, ...
  • A network of expats (about 10000 French expats) ready for fun and professional meetings!

start up mauritius

Are you still hesitating to relocate your start-up to Mauritius?
A comparison is better than a long speech:

Rent an office
Office 30m2 - In town 1,000€ - 1,500€/month 750€/month
Office 50m2 - Business center 1,500€ - 2,000€/month 1,000€/month
Coworking area 300€/month 6,5€/day or 63€/month
Office-House unfurnished 200/300m2 4,000€/month 1,000 - 1,500€/month
Charges and Taxes
Payroll expenses 22% net salary 4%
Charles Patronale Between 25 and 42% net salary NPF 6% and NSF 2.3% on a maximum salary of 500€/month
Taxes/VAT 20% 15%
Taxes on real estate purchases / 5%
State aid
European Aid Schemes under the Development Bank of Mauritius
Financing the creation or takeover of a business (Nacre, Acre, Arce, Cape) Mauritius Business Growth Scheme
Tax reductions and exemptions for buyers of businesses SME Partnership Fund
Innovative young company or university (JEI - GAME) Leasing Equipment Modernisation Scheme (LEMS)
Installation aid / Application for payment of the young farmer's allowance AFD Green Lending Scheme
Hiring aids
Fiscal regime
Corporate income tax : 

from 15% to 30

Absence of taxation on interest and dividends at source
Exempt customs duties on equipment
Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
Internet / Fibre 180€/month 125€/month
General Insurance Employee + equipment Variable 2,500€/year
Computer From 200€ and more From 400€ and more

And on a personal level?

To live in Mauritius is to enjoy, to meet, to recharge your batteries!

  • A variety of restaurants and bars that are less expensive than in France.
  • Nature, fun or zen excursions all over the island
  • A growing cultural offer: exhibitions, shows, concerts, etc.
  • From very good private schools to international accreditations (AEFE for the French schools, British Council for the English ones...), on this subject you can read ➡️ our article about school in Mauritius.
  • And above all, weekends with the air of a luxury holiday: 5-star hotels at resident prices, sea outings, encounters with dolphins, deep-sea fishing...

At a glance:

France Mauritius
Accommodation / month

Apartment 3 bedrooms

1700€/month 1000€/month (Villa close to the sea)
Electricity, water for 85 square meters / month 160€/month 60€/month
Exit restaurant 15€ 5€
Fast Food 9€ 4€
Beer 7€ 2€
Registration Sports hall From 30€/month 40€/month
School registration Free 3000€/year - international school
Activity: Cinema 11€ 6€

In short, if the wind of change is blowing on your project, if the need for evolution affects your start up or if the question of expatriation is bothering you ... there is only one click to do, it's here ➡️ A video with SmartTraveller

So, you're setting up your startup in Mauritius?

We accompany you in your project! 

Download your free guide for expatriates in Mauritius, special company guide 🇲🇺

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