Moving to Mauritius with SmartTraveller

moving to mauritius

How does a SmartTraveller installation in Mauritius work?

We tell you more about our services and how we guide you through the expatriation process.

In a few words, what is SmartTraveller?

SmartTraveller is a mix of expats and Mauritians who advise you on a daily basis in your project step by step!

We have been covering topics related to expatriation to Mauritius for the past 4 years and as you can imagine, each project is very different and brings its own set of questions. It is our experience that allows us to offer you quality content on a regular basis and also to accompany you in your steps.

SmartTraveller is a team of experts who cover all the disciplines involved in moving abroad: administrative and residence permits, taxation, housing, school, travel, transport, moving, law, accounting and more!

From information to validation of your project,

From administrative procedures to obtaining your visas and residence permits,

From your search for accommodation to your installation,

From the registration to the school to the contact with your future tennis partner,


Our team is ready to help you with your installation!

👉 To learn more about SmartTraveller and our history, it's here!

What is our support offer?

For a year now, we have been reworking and refining our offer so that it best suits your needs.

We have 2 formulas adaptable and adjustable to each of you:

  • A la carte Choice of support options according to your specific needs
    • Residence and work permits according to your profile
    • Exchange with a tax expert
    • Search for accommodation
    • Airline ticket and quarantine booking
    • Car rental / Airport transfer
    • Tips, practical information and more!
  • All in One: 2 predefined packages

moving to Mauritius

Take advantage of a free pre-qualification call for your project. 💡

This will allow us to define your Visa/Residency profile and to adapt our packages! We will then guide you to make your dream of settling in Mauritius come true. 🇲🇺

We are your Best friend in Mauritius

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