Travel preparations completed! Follow Hortense's adventure in quarantine

travel arrangements

And so, the travel preparations are finally over! Hortense has arrived in Mauritius !


👉 If you're wondering how Hortense managed to prepare for her trip, check out our previous article!


The adventure continues! Follow his logbook to discover his experience in quarantine at the Veranda Hotel.


Would you like a guided tour behind the scenes?

Here we go 🚀

D-1 before arrival

How did your travel preparations and boarding at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport go?

Hortense ready for take-off.

That's it! I was finally able to pack my bags and gather my papers. A quick goodbye to my family and friends and I was ready to board the plane.

Hortense at the airport.

On the spot, during the check-in, I was asked for my quarantine booking proof, my PCR test, my visa and my vaccinationQR code. I personally didn't find the controls were tightened because of the health situation, everything goes pretty fast, no slow down because of the imposed distances.


At the airport, everything goes on as usual. However, on the plane, you have to keep your mask on from start to finish. I flew with Air Mauritius and they give out masks in the plane before take-off. Of course, the mask is removed during lunch/dinner.

Passengers are asked to limit their movements in the plane and to stay in their seats as much as possible so as not to risk transmitting the virus. Everything went extremely well during the flight, apart from wearing the mask all the way, which is not at all disturbing, I kind of forgot that there was COVID. ;)

J-J :Arrival in Mauritius

First steps in Mauritius. How did your landing go? What are the protocols? to follow?

travel arrangements

Hortense at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.

A once landed, I found that everything was perfectly organised. There are agents all every 10 metres to guide us orientate us. In the first instance, I passed the check of security check.

À this time-then, they asked me asked my visa, my address address, my reservation of quarantine, my PCR test and the number flight number of my return to France. A once have passed the check of security checkI am passed through the control of health check, I had had to them give them the papers that they us have made fill in in the plane.

Here, they check the vaccination and as I am vaccinated they gave me gave me a little receipt blue receipt on which there was markedresort'. Then then, I queue up for perform a PCR test. Everything is going very quickly, it's very well organised and the agents are à our available for any questions. questions.

Then, I recovered my luggage and to reach the exit there are 2 lanes: one exit for people non-vaccinated and a for people vaccinated. It is à this time-then that I had to show my receipt that proved that I was vaccinated and that I was to resort.

Hortense in the shuttle.

I immediately went to the exit with the different shuttles to the resort hotels. Here they asked me my name and hotel and I got on the dedicated shuttle. This was the longest wait of my entire trip, as I had to wait for all the guests of the same hotel. But the excitement of arriving in Mauritius took over! ;)

The forties

Day 1

Hortense at the hotel.

The excitement is at its peak! Finally arrived at the hotel! I was welcomed by the staff with a small cocktail. On the first day, I was asked to stay in my room until I received the result of my PCR test done at the airport in the morning.

His first ever hotel lunch.

The wait was not very long, because as soon as I arrived in my room, a very good breakfast was waiting for me.

travel arrangements

The Veranda Pointe aux Biches Hotel.

Once my test was negative, I was able to walk around the hotel (with a mask on of course). 😉) and discover all the facilities available to our available to us. Swimming pool, beachvolleyball court, ping-pong tablesports hall and ... a great bar 😀

Day 2

travel arrangements

The breakfast view.

First awakening at paradise 😉 Head for breakfast before to start a day work day (telework).

The sunset.

The time difference time difference and the night night in the the plane are felt, so after a day work, I go and see to the sunset the sunset and go to sleep 😉

Day 3

Other hotel guests.

On this third day, I decide to go and meet the other guests of the hotel, being mainly French expatriates in Mauritius and Mauritians coming to meet their family on site. These are great meetings!

Day 4

The hotel's swimming pool.

I am slowly getting my bearings in the hotel and my little habits. A morning dip in the pool before starting a day's work.

Lunch break.

Of course, during lunch breaks, I am never alone.

The new girlfriends.

I meet a lot of new people, mainly young people who come to Mauritius.

Day 5

travel arrangements

Activities with girlfriends.

The days are starting to look the same, but I try to make the most of the activities organised by the staff during my free time: Aqua gym, water polo, volleyball, Creole lessons, Henna tattoo, sega... It's great!

Day 6 & 7

It's the weekend! In the morning, all the young people of the hotel meet for anaqua gym session with music. See you next week!

Day 8

Hortense at sport.

New and last week of quarantine! The days are the same, but I try to vary the activities: telework, sports, meetings, games, swimming pool ...

travel arrangements

Teleworking continues

I'm still in high spirits, looking forward to Sunday to get out of the hotel, discover the Island and see my friends again! I'm very excited to rediscover the Island, I came 2 years ago for a few weeks, but I can't wait to live this experience for 6 months! Obviously, there is a bit of apprehension involved, being away from my family, away from my routine, away from my comfort zone 😉 , but positive attracts positive, I keep it in mind!!! Also, I can't wait to start my internship and meet my team with whom I've been working remotely for a month! Teleworking has its advantages, but I miss the teamwork and the social link!

Day 9 & 10

The weather is very bad, it allows à everyone to rest and to devote a some of time! It's not nothing even in quarantine, you need a little time off respite 😉

Day 11 & 12

I'm very, very anxious for my 40s to end, although I'm a bit apprehensive. I'm starting to ask myself some questions, how will this change of routine go, how will my rhythm be once I'm out of quarantine, will I be lost, will I manage to adapt quickly? All these questions I don't have any answers to.

But the work, the people I meet and the environment I find myself in, make me feel positive.

In the evening, as every evening for the last two weeks, parties are organised, everyone dressed up to celebrate the weekend and the approach of the end of quarantine!

Day 13

In the morning I am up at 9am to do my PCR test. Everyone is on the weekend, games and activities are organised during the day! A very busy last day! I also find time to pack my bags, I can't wait to get out!

In the evening, among the young people, we decide to have dinner together to end this quarantine!

Day 14

IT IS THE D-DAY! I decide to leave in the morning, as soon as I have received my PCR test result from the day before. The results usually arrive in the morning! I am the happiest, I will finally be able to meet my friends on the spot!

Early wake up, last breakfast at the hotel and I finish my luggage... I leave the hotel and take a taxi.

I am lucky enough to already know Mauritius and to have some acquaintances, which allows me to quickly get my bearings. So I go straight to my accommodation to meet my roommate, a Mauritian friend!


How was your first week? What did you do?

My first week after leaving quarantine was quitechallenging, as I had to settle down, find a rhythm and reorganize my days. From the first day, I did my shopping and took an internet package to better communicate with my family.

I then went to the bank to create my Mauritian bank account.

How is your daily life organised now? Have you managed to find a balance in your life as an intern in Mauritius? 

My daily life is very different from the one I had in France. Here, we finish work around 5pm and then a second part of the day starts, we go to the sea, sunset, meetings etc, etc...

I quickly found a balance between my life as an intern, i.e. my work and my responsibilities to manage, and my life in Mauritius, discovering the island, the Mauritians etc. I think you can definitely combine the two, and be 100% in both, you just need a good organization 😉

Were you able to meet people easily on site?

I am lucky enough to already know a few people in Mauritius which allows me to meet new people more quickly. However, I meet a lot of people who came to Mauritius alone and who have integrated very well into the different communities that exist in Mauritius.

In this period of COVID-19, are you happy to be in Mauritius? Why are you happy to be in Mauritius?

I am very happy to be in Mauritius, far from what happens in France, we'll say 😉 Although we are not "Covid-free" here and we have to respect the barrier gestures, the quality of life is great!

Would you advise future trainees to come to Mauritius now? Why or why not? Any advice to share for those who wish to start? Any advice on how to prepare your arrival in Mauritius?

I advise anyone wishing to do an internship or a university exchange to come to Mauritius, it is a good place to live, the people are welcoming, warm and above all the sun is present every day of the year 😀

As far as life is concerned, it is very easy to find large supermarkets with French products. Indeed, there are Super U, Intermarto where you will feel like in France 😉


  • If your budget allows it, rent a car for your entire expatriation period. It allows you to be autonomous, and in Mauritius it is quite difficult to get around by public transport.
  • If you are spending several months in Mauritius, consider opening a bank account at the MCB (national bank), as this will avoid transaction fees.
  • Buy a sim card to get a Mauritian number. You can find affordable packages with unlimited internet.

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