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You should know that higher education is possible on the island.

Good to know if you decide to come and live with your family in Mauritius, it will always be useful!

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Here is a list of colleges in Mauritius and universities for you to choose from. These studies are open to foreign students. It should be noted that the choice of courses is not as wide as in Europe. It is common to send your children for higher education either to Europe, South Africa or Australia. However, we have listed the possible higher education courses for you.

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The University of Mauritius (UMO)

Located in the centre of the island at Réduit, it is a university under the Anglo-Saxon model.

There are several faculties:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Sciences (including 3 years of medicine possible for Mauritian students, complementary studies in Bordeaux or Cape Town, internship in Mauritius)
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Law and administration
  • Study of the oceans
  • Technology Information and Systems (CITS)

This university welcomes international students mainly from Africa.

Registration : June

Back to school : October

Teaching : English

Travel time from the north of the island : 1h

Travel time from the west of the island : 40 min

University of the Mascarene Islands (2 campuses)

The Université des Mascareignes is a university in partnership with the Université de Limoge in France.

Established in 2012, the University of Mascarene (UdM) is the youngest public university in Mauritius. It awards 26 international degrees at Bachelor level with 3 faculties:

  • Banking and finance
  • Sustainable development and engineering
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Research degrees are also offered at the doctoral school

The university has two fully operational campuses, one at Roches Brunes - Rose Hill in the centre of the island, and the other at Beau Plan - Pamplemousses in the north.

Registration : February to April

Back to school : August

Teaching : English and French

Rosehill Campus :

Travel time from the north of the island: 1 hour

Travel time from the west of the island: 30 min

Pamplemousse Campus :

Travel time from the north of the island: 20 min

Travel time from the west of the island: 1 hour

MCCI Business School

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the umbrella of the French Embassy, offers French state diplomas. There are several streams: BTS, Licences and Masters.

  • Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) in management, marketing, IT, banking and communication in partnership with the Lycée La Bourdonnais and the Académie de la Réunion
  • Bachelor's degree in management sciences, in the fields of communication, tourism and culture in partnership with the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) of the University of Poitiers.
  • Master

Teaching : English and French

Travel time from the north of the island : 1h

Travel time from the west of the island : 40 min

Charles Telfair Campus

The Charles Telfair Campus (CTC) is recognised as the pioneer of higher education in Mauritius. It was established in 1998.

In partnership with Australian universities, up to Master's degree level:

  • Accounting, finance and law
  • Education, communication and language studies
  • IT, design and internet stu
  • Management

Teaching : English

Travel time from the north of the island : 1h

Travel time from the west of the island : 40 min

Institut de la francophonie pour l'entrepreneuriat

In partnership with various French-speaking universities, the IFE delivers a Master's degree in entrepreneurship (DEPA: diplôme d'études professionnelles approfondies).

The course is aimed at holders of a higher education diploma (Bac+4) with less than one year's professional experience.

Possibility of Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) for Bac+2 or 3.

Teaching : French

Travel time from the north of the island : 1h

Travel time from the West Island : 30 min

Medina Education Village

Agreements with French universities and grandes écoles. Courses are taught in French and the degrees are international (Bachelor and Master).

Médine offers a training course from ESSEC Business School. A General Management programme in Mauritius, aimed at Top Managers from the Indian Ocean and Southern Africa, to explore regional and Asian markets.

  • University II - Paris Panthéon - Assas : Legal training
  • ENSA Nantes : Architecture training
  • Vatel: Prepares for the Bachelor in International Hospitality and the Master in International Hospitality
  • MiddleSex University: Human Resources, Technology and Science, Marketing, Cyber Security, Accounting and Finance, Project Management, Logistics, Law, International Relations
  • MCB Institute of Finance : study in finance
  • Central Nantes: engineering school

Travel time from the north of the island : 1h

Travel time from the west of the island : 25 min

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higher education schools mauritius

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