The list of health insurance for expatriates!



What expatriate health insurance should I choose before I arrive? 


If there is one question that comes up all the time, it is this one!


Choosing the right insurance is a priority before travelling, especially in the current situation.

That's why we thought it would be interesting to write a short article on this subject, along with a list of insurance companies, to help you finalise your procedures.


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How the health system works health system à Mauritius?


Before choosing health insurance, as an expatriate, it is important to understand the health sector in Mauritius.


It is important to distinguish between the private and public sectors when referring to the Mauritian health system.


Public hospitals and clinics usually offer free services. For better care and specialists, however, it is recommended to turn to the private sector.


To better understand the difference between the private and public sectors in the health system in Mauritius, we thought of making a small summary table!





Free access to care and consultations (citizens and those with a resident permit only)

Paid care and consultations (from Rs 500)

Free access to prescription drugs and dressings

Prescription drugs and dressings are chargeable and can usually be absorbed by the insurance

Waiting time may be long depending on the number of patients

Average waiting time depending on the number of patients (consultations are usually by appointment)

Free surgical procedures

Paid surgical procedures depend on their class: minor, major, etc...
Average quality of service

Quality of service satisfactory to European standards


How to choose an expatriate health insurance? What are the options and formulas available?


A good health insurance policy allows you to cover your back in case of minor problems, illnesses and repatriation. For example, you may have to be repatriated to Reunion Island or France.


There are generally two options available to you when starting an expatriation project regarding health insurance. You can use :


  • Caisse des Français à l'Étranger (CFE ): with the same equivalence as social security, the CFE allows members to have basic coverage. It will take care of their health expenses anywhere in the world.


  • Private health insurance : It is also possible to take out private health insurance. Companies such as Chapka Assurance or April International offer supplementary formulas as well as comprehensive health insurance such as the" first euro" insurance.


If you don't know where to start, try the insurance comparators ! This will give you a start!


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With the COVID situation, Mauritius reopened its borders on 15 July allowing tourists and permit holders to come and settle there. However, you will have to show your insurance when boarding! It is the same with the Premium Visa, the insurance is compulsory.


👉 By the way, if you want more info on the Premium Visa, it' s HERE!


Is there a coverfor thea COVID-19 ?


Taking out health insurance COVID-19 is also important when you are moving to a new destination.


Some insurances such as ACS Monde or CFE have created COVID-19 covers and will take care of you medically if you are contaminated on the spot and your condition requires care and hospitalisation.


So remember to add COVID cover when you take out insurance!


To help you in your choice, we have put together a list of health insurance companies. Do not hesitate to contact them and compare them to better understand the offers.


expatriate health insurance


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