SmartTraveller.mu: how does it work?

  • What is SmartTraveller.mu?

    SmartTraveller is an expatriation agency for your expatriation projects in Mauritius.

    We analyze your project, advise you on the best opportunities from an administrative, financial, human and many other points of view!

    How do we accompany you?

    • Administrative: Completion of the permit, visa, investment or business creation procedures in Mauritius.
    • Financial: Tax advice, putting you in touch with experts according to your project to prepare you as well as possible.
    • Human : Contact our partner MeetYourJob.com for your job search or recruitment of your future team.
    • Moving and Accommodation : Help with your move, finding accommodation for you and your family in Mauritius, provision of office space for your team.
    • Reception: Organization of your airport-accommodation transfer, welcome at your new home, discovery of the surroundings, travel advice, expatriation and settlement in Mauritius.
    • Integration and social life: SmartTraveller remains your point of contact when you arrive in Mauritius. Integration within our network and community. We put you in touch with people who can bring you great things: friendships, business or daily life (plumber, real estate agency, tourist activities...). Our Mauritian network is large and we want you to benefit from it!
  • Who is SmartTraveller.mu for?

    SmartTraveller support is for you if: you have found a job, an internship, you want to create your own business, to come as a self-entrepreneur, for the relocation of your business, or for your retirement.

    Our 3 categories:

    • Smart Company: If you want to relocate your business to Mauritius, set up a subsidiary or create a brand new company.
    • Smart Expat: If you have had a job opportunity in Mauritius, wish to come to Mauritius as a self-employed person, wish to bring your family, or even retire there if you are over 50 years old.
    • Smart Student: If you are a student coming to study at a partner university or to do an internship in a Mauritian company.
  • Who is SmartTraveller.mu?

    SmartTraveller is a human, young and dynamic team.

    Mixed of Mauritian and French expatriates in Mauritius, we have a strength of personal experience that allows us to understand your questions and share our best advice for your projects.

  • How does SmartTraveller.mu work?

    Before embarking on your project, you will need to know and understand the different solutions available to you.

    In order to best help you, our SmartTraveller team needs to understand your project.

    We give you Visio or Whats App' appointment to get to know each other and exchange ideas!

  • What are the different possible offers?

    SmartTraveller offers you a range of packages covering all the essentials of an expatriation to Mauritius according to your needs:

  • How do I know if my project in Mauritius is feasible?

    We offer you a call upstream of all decisions in order to guide you in the best way possible in your project.

    This telephone interview will enable us to find out more about your project and guide you either to one of our offers corresponding to your needs or to create your personalized offer together.

    Make an appointment with our SmartTraveller team now!

  • What are the steps to follow?

    Call upon the SmartTraveller team to assist you during your expatriation project in Mauritius. We will advise you during each step of the procedure:

    • Step 1: Visio or Whats App' meeting with our team
    • Step 2: drawing up your quotation together and validation
    • Step 3: payment of a deposit according to your profile and start of the administrative steps
    • Step 4: Service provision and planning of your arrival in Mauritius
    • Step 5: arrival on our beautiful island, discovery of the surroundings and integration into your new life! Advice and follow-up from our teams.
  • How and when is the payment made?

    As soon as your quote is validated, you will receive an invoice from SmartTraveller's accounting department(finance@smarttraveller.mu).

    Payment will be made by international bank transfer.

    International bank charges will be charged to the customer.

  • How to organize his coming to Mauritius?

  • How long does it take to get my Visa/Permit?

    Depending on the type of Visa.

    It takes between 30 days for a student visa, 1 month for a professional visa, 1 month minimum to open a business.

    For more details, please visit our partner site: https: //visamauritius.com

  • Can I start the trip without having obtained my Visa/Permit yet?

    No. You will not be allowed to enter Mauritius without your previously issued visa.

    We advise you to refer to your SmartTraveller agent to know the different modalities according to your visa/permit procedure.

  • How long is my Visa/Permit valid for?

    Depending on the type of Visa.

    The duration of your visa/permit will be automatically entered on it.

    For more details, please visit our partner site: https: //visamauritius.com/faq/

  • How do I understand the different Visa/Permit and where do I turn?

    Each project requires personalized support.

    Make an appointment with our SmartTraveller team. We will then be able to direct you to the visa/permit that best suits your needs.

  • When should I book my plane ticket?

    We advise you to wait for the agreement of your SmartTraveller agent.

    According to the evolution of your file, he will be able to advise you.

    Please note that a visa/permit is required to enter Mauritius.

  • How to prepare your move?

    If you get a VIE contract, a container will be proposed to you in your contract. We advise you to ask your company for information.

    In this case, we advise you to contact an overseas removal company offering the shipping and chartering of your personal belongings to Mauritius by container. For more information, please contact our SmartTraveller team. We will be able to propose you different partner offers.

    If you prefer to travel light, there is no need to overload yourself and 2 suitcases will suffice!

    For students, check with your airline, some offer 1 free extra bag during a stay for studies (to justify).

  • Is the accommodation easy to find?

    You will find all kinds of offers on the internet. The accommodations are usually already furnished.
    Be careful with the area, it is better to know the surroundings before committing yourself on the long term.

    Our team will advise you. Make an appointment with our team.

  • What should I take in my suitcase?

    The essentials have been referred to in our article: How to prepare your suitcase before an experience in Mauritius!

    Do not hesitate to refer to it.

  • Can I leave with my pets?

    Sanitary measures must be taken beforehand. Ask for information from specialized organizations and veterinarians.

    Download the attached Specimen for more information.

  • Are there any vaccinations to be done before we leave?

    No vaccinations are required to travel to Mauritius. Just make sure that your mandatory vaccinations are up to date.

  • Questions of daily life

  • Are there any restrictions in Mauritius?

    Yes, be careful:

    • Drugs: 0 tolerance on the use and trafficking of illegal substances (prison)
    • Alcohol: 0 tolerance for drunk driving (prison + 500€ fine)
  • Insurance, do I have to take out insurance?

    We advise you to take out different types of insurance before you travel:

    • Travel insurance covering flight cancellation, delay or loss of luggage.
    • Health insurance: giving you access to health and hospital care insurance. If you are an expatriate, we recommend the CFE (Caisse des Français à l'étranger). Don't forget to subscribe to a complementary insurance.
    • Repatriation insurance: Important! Will allow you to be repatriated to Reunion Island in case of urgent need for medical or other care.
    • Liability Insurance: Protects you in the event of legal proceedings.

    For more information, please contact our partner: Chapka insurance

  • Health, is the system good in Mauritius?

    You will find a correct health system in Mauritius: Hospitals, doctors, private clinics, specialist doctors and others.

    Pharmacies are also numerous and equipped.

    For all important health concerns, we will advise you to be repatriated to Reunion Island in order to benefit from the French system and various facilities.

  • Transport, how does it work?

    You will find a bus circuit in Mauritius, which is not very expensive. Beware, it does not serve all parts of the island easily.

    We advise you to opt for car rental in Mauritius if you have the means.

    And if you plan to stay for a while (more than a year), look at the options for buying.

  • Is the internet and wifi good?

    Yeah, the network's good. Fibre is installed in Mauritius as well.

  • Are there any supermarkets in Mauritius?

    Yes! There are shopping centers all over the island. You will also find super U, intermart, winners (Mauritian brand), foodlovers, store 2000 etc ... And full of small tobacco shops and fruit and vegetable vendors that will allow you to complete your shopping.

  • Can I open a bank account in Mauritius?

    Yes, once you have obtained a residence permit, you will then be able to open an account in a Mauritian bank.

    Under Tourist Visa, you will not be able to open an account unless you are in administrative procedures for certain cases.

  • What are the means of transport from the airport?

    Only one way, the Taxi! To book a taxi, contact us.

    No subway, no bus to the airport.

  • How can I find out more about living in Mauritius?

    Visit our blog.

    If you can't find the answers to your questions, make an appointment with our team.

  • Questions for Smart Companies

  • What is a Smart Company?

    It is a company that wishes to set up in Mauritius: relocating its activities and its team or part of its team.

    It can also be an individual who wishes to set up his business in Mauritius as well as his auto-entrepreneurial activity.

  • What are the different possible company statuses in Mauritius?

    If you wish to open your business in Mauritius, there are different possible statuses. Here is a summary of them.

    Global Business Company (GBC) :

    • A GBC is an offshore company in Mauritius. It is therefore a foreign company registered in Mauritius whose owner may be resident in Mauritius.
    • The company has little or no economic activity in Mauritius (90% of its activity is carried out outside).
    • It is a status that allows certain advantages in terms of taxes since it avoids double taxation of profits with the company's country of residence.
    • The company will be taxed at 17% on its profits in Mauritius.
    • No withoutolding taxes: if the activity is done outside Mauritius, there will be no withholding of profit by the authorities.
    • A GBC must obligatorily have 2 directors, one of whom must be Mauritian.
    • A GBC must obligatorily be registered by a Management Company (MC): For the incorporation and administration of the company. One of the directors must be part of the MC. The address of the MC shall be the address of the company in Mauritius and the MC shall be the secretary office of the newly registered company.
    • The GBC offers the total anonymity of its shareholders.

    An Authorized Company:

    • An Authorized Company is also an Offshore Company in Mauritius. A foreign company registered in Mauritius whose owner is not a resident of Mauritius.
    • The company has little or no economic activity in Mauritius (90% of its activity is carried out outside).
    • The company will be taxed at 17% on its profits in Mauritius.
    • Unlike GBC, there is no need for a local director: the director can be the client and the entire foreign shareholder.
    • The company can do all kinds of services including billing or investment holding (holding shares in another company) but cannot offer financial services like a GBC (not a bank or investment fund).
    • An Authorized Company must also be registered by a Management Company (MC): For the incorporation and administration of the company.
    • There is no need for a secretary office necessarily attached to the Management Company, but only an approved agent.
    • The Authorized Compagnie offers the total anonymity of its shareholders.

    Domestic Company:

    • It's not an offshore company in Mauritius.
    • The majority of the activity takes place on the Mauritian territory.
    • Only auditing companies, management companies and authorised agents can register a domestic company.
    • There's not necessarily a need for a management company.
    • It is not necessary to have a secretary office.
    • The activity of the domestic company is taxable at 3% (depending on the sector of activity).
    • The company must obtain a specific licence to operate its business.

    For more details, please visit our partner site: https://visamauritius.com/faq/.

  • Is SmartTraveller a Management Company?

    SmartTraveller is not a management company.

    We have created our network of experts and put you in touch with our experts and management company according to your needs.

    Our goal is to accompany and advise you for your project in Mauritius with our expert agenda to cover your different topics.

  • How long does it take to set up a business in Mauritius?

    Depending on the status, the creation of companies can be done quickly.

    It takes 2 days to validate the company name and about 3 days for the solvency check of the shareholders. The company can then be incorporated with the authorities (MRA).

    Be careful, a list of documents will be requested. The time needed to create the company will also depend on how quickly you collect them.

    The longest delays will be for the opening of the bank account. It will take a minimum of 3 weeks for a corporate bank account in Mauritius.

  • Will I be allowed to reside in Mauritius if I set up my business?

    It all depends on the status of the company you are going to create.

    If you are under an authorized company or a GBC, then you will need to obtain an investor permit to reside in Mauritius if you are the majority shareholder. If you are an employee of the company with an employment contract, then you can apply for a professional occupation permit.

    If you are under a domestic (local) company, you can apply for a professional license if you are not the majority shareholder.

    For more details, please visit our partner site: https: //visamauritius.com/

    You will also find details in the "questions for expats" tab.

    We are sure you have more questions about your project. Our team will be happy to advise you. Make an appointment with us!

  • Questions for Smart Expats

  • What is a Smart Expat?

    It is an individual / foreigner who wishes to settle in Mauritius either to reside or to work.

    The person in question may be of any nationality.

    The expatriate's family can also join him in Mauritius once his permit/visa is obtained and will then be qualified as expatriate dependants.

    Please note that a student coming for an internship or a course in Mauritius is not considered as an expatriate. Please refer to the Smart Student tab below.

  • What are the different expatriate statuses in Mauritius?

    There are several statuses depending on your project:

    • Professional: A professional is attached to his company by an employment contract. His company will have to apply for a permit for him.
      The minimum salary is Rs 61K/month for all sectors except for the IT sector (new technologies) where the salary is minimum Rs 31K/month.
      The professional will receive an Occupation Permit combining a work visa and a residence permit.
    • Investor: An investor in Mauritius is a foreigner who wishes to contribute capital to a company in Mauritius (his own for example).
      The capital provided must be at least USD 50K.
    • Auto-entrepreneur: An auto-entrepreneur is an independent foreigner who wishes to set up a business in Mauritius as a self-employed. There is a minimum initial investment of USD 32K.
      Beware, under this status he cannot have employees in Mauritius.
    • Retired: A retiree is a foreigner who is 50 years of age or older and is declared as retired in his or her home country. He will be able to claim pensioner status in Mauritius by meeting certain conditions including an investment of USD 1,500/month of financial contributions into a Mauritian account.
    • Dependent: A dependant is a foreigner attached to a foreigner who has obtained expatriate status in Mauritius (wife, husband, children).
    • Villa buyer: A villa buyer is a foreigner who wishes to invest in real estate in Mauritius up to a minimum of USD 350K in the residential complexes provided for this purpose (IRS) for obtaining permanent residence.
  • How long can I stay in Mauritius?

    You will be allowed to stay in Mauritius for the duration indicated on your Occupation Permit or Residence Permit if you were not working there.

  • Can I stay in Mauritius without a work visa or residence permit?

    If you have not obtained Mauritian nationality, you will not be able to stay in Mauritius longer than mentioned on your Occupation Permit or Residence Permit if you were not working there.

    If you wish to renew your permit or change your company, you will have a delay of 1 month after the end of your OP to obtain your new OP. Otherwise, you will have to leave the territory of Mauritius to return under a business visa.

  • What is the difference between a work visa and a residence permit?

    As the name suggests, a Work Visa will allow you to work in Mauritius. You can obtain it as soon as you get a contract in a Mauritian company or as soon as you open your company in Mauritius to work there.

    A residence permit allows you to reside in Mauritius. This is not a work permit and you are not allowed to work even if you have one. This is the case for retired or dependent permits for example.

    A work visa is automatically coupled with a residence permit. Unlike the residence permit in Mauritius.

  • How do I get my Work Visa or Residence Permit?

    You will need to make your case to the EDB. Economic Development Board in Mauritius.

    To do this, our SmartTraveller team accompanies you by helping you build your file, collect your documents and apply to the authorities.

  • How many times can I renew my Work Visa or Residence Permit?

    As many times as you like. Each time your Work Visa or Residence Permit expires, you will have to re-apply to the EDB.

  • What are the minimum wages to obtain expatriate status in Mauritius?

    For expatriate contract applications to the EDB, there are 2 employee statuses:

    • Rs 61/month for all companies in any sector.
    • Rs 31/month for companies with IT license (intonative technology).
  • How do I know if my company is an IT company?

    To find out if your company is an IT company, just ask for its IT license.

  • What should I do if I change companies when I am already in Mauritius?

    If your Professional Visa expires and you wish to change companies for a new job, you will have 1 month from the end of your contract with your current company to submit a new application to the EDB.

    After this month, you will have to leave the territory of Mauritius and come back under a business Visa to complete the application and your Visa change.

  • When can my family come and join me?

    Your family, therefore your dependants, will be able to join you in Mauritius as soon as you obtain your personal visas.

    They will then be able to come to Mauritius on a tourist visa and then also apply to the authorities as a Dependent Visa.

  • What is the difference between LIFE and Expatriates?

    A VIE is a contract with a French company that sends you on a mission to Mauritius. For VIE, everything is done with Business France and not the EDB. You will get your visa through them.

    An expatriate status can be attached to a French or Mauritian company in Mauritius. But the application must go through the EDB and respect the salary status.

  • What is business visa?

    The business visa is a work visa for a maximum of 120 days. It will be given to you upon entry to Mauritius for a maximum of 60 days upon presentation of a letter of employment from your company.

    You will then be able to renew your business visa for an additional 60 days once in the country.

    This business visa is also used for foreigners who come to Mauritius on business.

  • Questions for Smart Students

  • What is a Smart Student?

    He is a student who wants to come for an internship in a company in Mauritius.

    Regardless of the student's nationality, he or she will be able to apply for a student visa in order to come to the country to complete the internship.

  • How to get an internship in a Mauritian company?

    Mauritian companies are recruiting more and more French-speaking trainees in Mauritius. To get an internship in one of them, you can go through the specialized website of internship in Mauritius : MeetYourJob.com - Stagissimo.

  • What are the duration of internships in Mauritius?

    From a legal point of view, an internship can last a maximum of 6 months.

    As Mauritius is a long and expensive trip, we advise you to come for a 4 to 6 month internship.

    It will not be possible to extend an internship over more than 6 months per calendar year (January-December).

  • Are there any formalities to be carried out before coming to do an internship?

    Yes, you will absolutely need to obtain your "Student Visa" before starting your trip to Mauritius.

    The application must be done by a person on site. You will not be able to do the application alone from a distance.

    Please note that if you come on a tourist visa, you will not be able to change your status to a student visa on the spot. You will have to be out of the country to get your visa.

    We advise you to do this: ah@smarttraveller.mu

  • Does an internship in Mauritius have to be contracted?

    You have to be! A tripartite agreement (company, school, student) will be required to apply for a student visa.

  • When do I get my plane ticket?

    We advise you to take it once your Visa is issued for added security as you will not be able to travel until your visa is issued.

  • How do I find accommodation?

    Make an appointment with us!

    We will then be able to offer you our student residents.

  • How to get to know other trainees once in Mauritius?

    It couldn't be simpler! Go to the Facebook group Expats/Interns Mauritius