School in Mauritius

For many expatriates, this adventure is also a family affair, with one or more children... We give you more information about school in Mauritius!

What about schools in Mauritius?

It's simply the perfect place for your children to grow to their full potential! They will grow up in contact with nature, make friends from all over the world, open up to new cultures, and learn English more easily... Not bad, right?

"Great background"

"Diversity of students and teachers"...

" Bilingual and schedule 7:30 / 14:30 "

This is what Mai, Axel and Emilie, all three parents of children attending school in Mauritius, have to say about it!

The big question: Mauritius school, French school or international system?

It all depends on your child's preference, as well as your life project: short-term expatriation, succession of expatriations...

Sabrina chose the French system "in case we go back to France.". Karin preferred the international system from pre-school: "why not learn English from an early age?"

Whatever you choose, don't panic! In Mauritius, both systems are very well represented (see map below). Annabelle explains: "The offer is quite diversified considering the size of the island. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the schooling they feel corresponds to their expectations for the future and the development of their child. »

0-3 year olds

If your child has to stay at home, be aware that Mauritian nannies have a very good reputation internationally.

To find your nanny, the network works very well. You will also find many groups on Facebook of parents exchanging addresses, testimonials and good tips... Don't hesitate!

Count on average 350€/month for 5 days/week and 6 hours of presence per day.

Another possibility if your child is at least 18 months old: pre-school (kindergarten). There are several of them on the island and in both languages: French / English.

The 3-10 year olds

It's time for school! And still the same question, French or international system? We give you some details...

In French schools, the number of hours of English is still much higher than in France, with an average of 6 hours per week from the start of the small section. A real plus!

The international system is much cheaper than in Europe.

And in any case, the environment will be pleasant. A "quality education in a healthy environment"sums up Mai. At the Ecole du Nord (French school), you can even hear the birds singing in the courtyard... That's school in Mauritius!

11-18 year olds

For the collège/lycée, no worries either! In 2019, the Lycée Français des Mascareignes obtained a success rate of 99.3% in the baccalaureate, with 67% of mentions. And the Labourdonnais school is close to a 100% success rate!

Tariff summary

French system :

Level of education Price per month
Pre-school 250 €
Kindergarten 250 €
Elementary 250 €
College 300 €
Lycée 375 €

International system: count on average 20 to 30% more

School transportation

You have two options:

  1. You accompany them every morning (classes start between 7.30 and 8 am depending on the school) and pick them up from 2.30 pm. Here, the days are shorter! However, beware of traffic jams.
  2. Private shuttle: Approved by schools, these are often minibuses with about ten seats. They are listed by geographical area, so don't hesitate to ask the school for a list!
    Count about 50€/month for a child.

(Extra)school activities

The schools in Mauritius offer a wide range of activities on the school premises: football, golf, magic, chess, yoga, theatre, handball... "A lot of space is given to music, dance and sports, which give self-confidence and joie de vivre. says Karin.

There are also private clubs outside the school where many sports are available.

Bottom line?

"Excellent conditions for raising children in Mauritius"Emilie rejoices, and says to herself. "very satisfied" of the instruction received. A "Wide choice of schools in Mauritius" according to Axel, and "very fulfilled children," Mai concludes.

A noter toutefois : Pour inscrire les enfants à l’école il faut obtenir leurs Permis de Résidence ! Et donc faire les démarches à l’avance. Certaines écoles dont l’école du Nord et Northfield autorisent l’inscription avec simplement “l’approuval in principle”. Pour l’école Paul et Virginie à Tamarin, il faudra obtenir le permis de résidence.  ➡️  On en parle ici !

Map of schools

So that the next school year can start in the sun, don't wait any longer!

Maurice is ready to welcome your whole family

So, are we on?

For more information on Mauritius in general, see our article on this paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

You want to testify about the school in Mauritius? Our form to help others is waiting for you!

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