European school


Moving from a European school to a Mauritian school can be quite a challenge for young expats!

We often share with you the experience of parents who find happiness in Mauritius, but ....

Whatabout the youngest?

travel arrangements



And so, the travel preparations are finally over! Hortense has arrived in Mauritius !


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The adventure continues ...

Living abroad



We took advantage of Hortense's visit to Mauritius to show you the first steps you need to take before living abroad . With the current situation, it's difficult to juggle between preparations, travel arrangements and the...

expatriates mauritius

Testimony of Julien and Carine, expatriates in Mauritius since January 2021


Discover the story of two expatriates in Mauritius who chose to settle down with their families in paradise! Julien and Carine tell you about their journey, ...

live in Mauritius


Leaving everything behind in your home country and moving abroad takes a lot of courage. This is the case for moving to Mauritius. But those who have already lived it all agree that it is an experience in its own right.


entrepreneur in Mauritius


Discover the testimony of Marc, who became an entrepreneur in Mauritius, and Anja who tell us their story, their advice and anecdotes about their expatriation in the sun in our little corner of paradise.

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Testimonial in Mauritius - Joseph

Testimony in Mauritius: From Dubai to Mauritius, Joseph tells us about his change of life in paradise!

Discover its history, anecdotes and tips for a successful move to Mauritius.

Testimonial in Mauritius!


Living in Mauritius

Living in Mauritius: My work routine


Find out what awaits you if you plan to live in Mauritius!

Astrid's story, living in Mauritius: Expatriated for 3 years with her husband and her 3 children, Astrid has been living in Mauritius for 3 years.