If there is ever a time when you need to book your flight to Mauritius, it is NOW! ✈️

Do you know when, how and where to book your flight?

Throughout this article, we will give you the ...

or rent a car


Many of you are wondering where to rent a car when you arrive in Mauritius. 🤔

This is a decision you need to make quickly if you want to have your own autonomous being.

Above all, you need to find your bearings and know where you are.

moving procedure



Do you know the procedures for moving to Mauritius?

Moving is one of the final steps before moving to a new destination. Moving to Mauritius requires organisation and an understanding of the required procedures. It ...

travel to mauritius


Travelling to Mauritius isgood, having some reference points when you arrive is better! 😉


Just for you, we share our tips for landing with peace of mind! Expatriation to Mauritius has never been easier!



What expatriate health insurance should I choose before I arrive? 


If there is one question that comes up all the time, it is this one!


Choosing the right insurance is a priority before travelling, especially with the current situation .

opening border mauritius

We are finally there! 🎉

The opening of the borders to Mauritius is scheduled for 15 July 2021.

You can therefore book your flight and quarantine to arrive very soon on our beautiful island.


Before ...

info mauritius island


Talking to someone you trust or better still, someone who is already in Mauritius will help you to plan ahead! This is why we want to discuss with you first!

Get started ...

higher education schools mauritius

You should know that higher education is possible on the island.

Good to know if you decide to come and live with your family in Mauritius, it will always be useful!

Find the list of colleges in Mauritius below ⬇️

french school mauritius

How to find a school in Mauritius? 


If that's not a good question!

In most cases, expatriation is also a family affair.

The question of school then quickly comes up...

How the school system works

taxes Mauritius


Taxes, duties, charges... should I pay them in Mauritius or in my home country? How do I find out? Is Mauritius a tax haven? What does this mean? We answer in detail to all these questions...