Mauritian currency



Mauritian currency is full of stories! 💰

And yes, it's not just the lush vegetation, beaches and lagoons that are unique.

Mauritius has its own currency. It is good to know about it ...

Are you ready to travel to the kitchen of a Mauritian?

Mauritian cuisine is full of Indian, African, Chinese, Muslim and Western influences.


In this article, we take you into the Mauritian kitchen to discover a typical day in the life of a Mauritian.

Mauritian sega

Do you want to know more about Mauritian culture before you move to our little corner of paradise?


You've come to the right place!

In this article we tell you more about the music and the ...

news mauritius

Finding reliable and verified information on Mauritius can quickly become tedious. That's why we've put together all the information you need in one article. Our expertise in the field of ...

where to shop in Mauritius

When you go to live abroad, it always takes time to adapt to find new points of reference. This is the case when you arrive in Mauritius.

Finding out where to shop is one of the first habits you develop.

must-see places in Mauritius


Mauritius, nicknamed "the pearl of the Indian Ocean", lives up to its name!

With its surface area of 2000km2Mauritius has countless exceptional places.

Between land, sea, mountains and islets, we go to the discovery of ...

hotels Mauritius


The geographical location of Mauritius in the heart of the Indian Ocean makes it a destination of choice for tourists and expatriates in search of authenticity and good living.


If you come to spend a holiday in ...

The gastronomy of Mauritius


Although Mauritius is a paradise country in terms of landscapes, it is still a paradise of gastronomy! ✨


Mauritian cuisine is rich in flavours from all over the world: Africa, Europe, China, India ...

Christmas and New Year in the sun, do you dream about it? In Mauritius, it's summer when Christmas arrives... No more trees and snowfalls, here we celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve under the heat of the tropics !...

festival of light

Diwali (Divali or Deepavali), is an Indian celebration. It is also known as the 'Festival of Light'.


Diwali symbolizes the "spiritual victory of light over darkness, of good over evil, and of knowledge over ignorance ....