Expatriation in general

Digital Nomad in Mauritius: pros and cons

You're a digital nomad in search of new horizons! Guess what? We've found your future destination! Mauritius. And yes, this small island in the Indian Ocean is increasingly becoming the...
Mauritius rental, digital nomad

Digital nomad, our solutions for accommodation in Mauritius ?

Mauritius is known for its warm welcome; between a million tourists every year and a growing expatriate community: you will be very well received 🌴 And good news, since 2020 the Premium Visa...
Moving to Mauritius

Expatriation to Mauritius: The main steps

That's it, you have finally decided to expatriate and you have chosen Mauritius as your destination! What a good choice 👏 White sandy beaches, coconut palms and turquoise lagoons have been your dream for too long...
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Travel applications when landing in Mauritius

You've finally landed in Mauritius!🥳🛬 We're sharing our top travel apps for your stay 😎 👇👇 Here we go! 👇👇 Currency First thing...
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Shopping in Mauritius

A desire for shopping in Mauritius? 🛍 You are in the right place! In this article, discover the best places to shop on our little island (excluding shopping malls that you can find in our...
shopping in Mauritius

Shopping in Mauritius: shopping centres

  A desire to shop in Mauritius? 🛍 You probably don't know it, but it is very easy to find shopping malls here! Indeed, the island is full of malls where big international brands, concept stores...

What is the budget for shopping in Mauritius?

Have you just arrived in Mauritius, are you on your way out or are you simply intrigued by this little corner of paradise? Then you have probably already asked yourself these questions: What is the budget for shopping in Mauritius? Where will I go?
return to Mauritius

Returning to Mauritius: benefits for Mauritians

  Returning to Mauritius after years abroad, finding the sweet life of your native country, is possible... and advantageous! 😊 As the pandemic continues to hit the world with full force, many of you...
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Travel to Mauritius - Arrival procedures

  The most important moment when travelling to Mauritius is without doubt the arrival! We all dream that it is serene and stress-free. To do so, you need to have in hand the necessary documents to pass the customs. We have...
going to live abroad

Moving abroad: how long does it take to prepare?

When you decide to change your life and move abroad for an indefinite period of time, there are certain steps to follow. To help you, we have put together the essential steps involved in this article. Do not...