Visas in Mauritius

Mauritius residence permit

Residence permit Mauritius : The comparison

At SmartTraveller we know how complicated visas and residence permits for Mauritius can be! We will decipher it all for you right now! First of all, we'll take a look at the different...
Digital nomadism

Digital Nomadism in Mauritius

Does digital nomadism speak to you? ✈️💻 In recent years, this lifestyle combining travel and telecommuting has grown significantly. And, to top it all off, Digital Nomads can work from the island...
marriage with Mauritian

Settling down and marriage with

Ready to take the step to settle down and for marriage a Mauritian? 😊 You said "yes" and want to start this new adventure on an island, in the peace and quiet? We enlighten you on...
foreign trainees

Foreign trainees: Doing an internship in Mauritius

What you need to know to qualify for this experience! How to get a Visa for your internship in Mauritius? Foreign interns who have done an internship in Mauritius will tell you that it is an experience to live...
teletravail visa mauritius

Which Visa for Telework in Mauritius?

Premium Visa or Self-Employed Visa? We'll help you understand the difference! And yes, you are not the only one to ask this question! Mauritius has launched a new visa since September 2020 allowing to work there. We...
work in Mauritius

Working in Mauritius as a foreigner

How do I get my Occupational Permit? Whether you are a foreigner or a company employing foreigners, you can work or hire in Mauritius! We tell you everything about the standards and conditions...
Visas in Mauritius

Understanding Visas in Mauritius!

Whether in Mauritius or elsewhere, preparing an expatriation requires advance information on daily life as well as on the administrative side. Important point to concretize a project: how to reside in a country where...
freelance Mauritius

Being a freelancer in Mauritius, it's possible!

How to get your Occupation Permit Self-Employed In this article we tell you more about the norms and conditions to be a freelancer in Mauritius! Yes yes, it is possible... Let's go to Mauritius! How to do it...
Visa premium Mauritius

Mauritius Premium Visa: how to get it?

Be a Digital Nomad! Working with your feet in the water? With the Premium Visa of Mauritius, it becomes possible! We explain you everything about this new visa recently created by the Mauritian government. How to get it? Am I eligible?
Retreat in the sun, retreat in Mauritius

Retreat abroad: Retreat to the sun!

Like many people, you have already thought about spending your retirement in the sun. South of France, close, but not exotic enough! 🤔 Portugal, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Thailand, Republic...