Visas in Mauritius

Working in an idyllic setting in Mauritius

Digital Nomad in Mauritius: pros and cons

You're a digital nomad in search of new horizons! Guess what? We've found your future destination! Mauritius. And yes, this small island in the Indian Ocean is increasingly becoming the...
Villa, apartment, flat share, accommodation in Mauritius when you are a digital nomad

Digital nomad, our solutions for accommodation in Mauritius ?

Mauritius is known for its warm welcome; between a million tourists every year and a growing expatriate community: you will be very well received 🌴 And good news, since 2020 the Premium Visa...
Digital nomad in Mauritius, get a reliable wifi connection

Digital nomad in Mauritius, how to stay connected?

Go to the end of the world while staying connected... A message to your friends and family to say you've arrived, a GPS search of your Airbnb, a "here I go, I'm living my best life" story, we all know how much...
freelance Mauritius

Being a freelancer in Mauritius, it's possible!

How do I get my Occupation Permit Self-Employed? In this article, we tell you more about the standards and conditions for freelancing in Mauritius! Yes, it's possible... Let Mauritius take you on board! How do you...
being a digital nomad in Mauritius, the essentials

Being a digital nomad in Mauritius: the essentials 

Has becoming a digital nomad always been a dream for you? Working from all over the world, being free thanks to the internet but also managing your time as you wish? It's a dream come true, isn't it? If...
Mauritius residence permit application

Residence permit Mauritius : The comparison

At SmartTraveller we know how complicated visas and residence permits for Mauritius can be! We will decipher it all for you right now! First of all, we'll take a look at the different...
Visas Mauritius

Mauritius visas: fees increase

Breaking News ‼️The Mauritian government has recently changed the government fees for the various visas and residence permits granted to come and settle in Mauritius.This sharp increase is not to be taken...
Digital nomadism focused on the computer

Digital Nomadism in Mauritius

Does digital nomadism speak to you? ✈️💻 In recent years, this lifestyle combining travel and telecommuting has grown significantly. And, to top it all off, Digital Nomads can work from the island...
Photo of an expatriate family in Mauritius

Testimony: Fanny and her successful family expatriation

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Many of you want to experience expatriation as a family. It is a rich and exciting experience to have at least once in your life. 😍 Fanny, Vincent and their 4 children won't say otherwise! This family of travellers...
Young girl on top of a mountain

Hélène's testimony: Her internship in Mauritius

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  We asked Hélène about her experience during her internship in Mauritius! She did her internship at SmartTraveller at the beginning of the year. She was a real live wire, full of joy and energy! She took the opportunity to do a...