Partnering with us means connecting with a clientele that has long been underserved and that might be beyond your current reach: students and young professionals looking to move to Mauritius over the short, medium and long term. But how does this benefit you?

  • You get instant access to the diverse community we have built over the years: you get to communicate with a network that is young, collaborative and dynamic.
  • You get to showcase your best deals, services, products or activities to a large audience through our newsletters.
  • We bring your offering to the fore in our various Packs: clients are well acquainted with you and what you offer before they even touch down in Mauritius.
  • Your offering is also highlighted on our Smart Traveller website, Facebook page and other Facebook groups associated to our Smart Community.
  • If it’s done right, you can expand your reach, strengthen your brand and open doors to a new audience.

Our clients trust us. And that trust can extend to you. Get on board!